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12018-01-29 19:58:05 UTCeggie Hi Stewart.. please try to avoid connecting a path at playgrounds. Editor iD sticks quickly.
12017-12-04 12:21:35 UTCeggie Welkom bij OSM per PB verstuurd

Motor_vehicle hoeft niet op footway. Haal je het er zelf weer af?
22018-01-29 19:51:35 UTCeggie motor_vehicle verwijderd van wandelpad.
12017-12-05 21:33:50 UTCeggie I'm sorry. You deleted the landuse and replaced it by Leisure=park Thats's what you are doing . landuse is what you can see. I revert this changeset. It will harm the map.
No parkedits in this way. A park is a cover all over the landuse itself. Here an exampel of a park. http://www.openstreetmap.o...
22017-12-05 21:34:57 UTCeggie revereted due to deleting 3dshapes (landuse) and replace it by Leisure=park..
32017-12-05 21:38:14 UTCeggie The map filled with the import of the 3dshapes. Please do'nt delete those import. Make at a real park with name a cover (not connected to any sibject) all over the 3dshapes. It's a light green transparant layer.
42017-12-05 21:43:41 UTCeggie revert
52017-12-05 21:44:52 UTCeggie I can't fix a massive "delete" so I had to revert all edits in the changeset.
62017-12-05 21:52:41 UTCeggie a sports_centre is not a park.
72017-12-05 22:01:32 UTCeggie Park Wilgenhorst adde as a transparant layer. Leisure=park all over the landuse trees, grass and natural=tree.
Use it as an example.
Restored the landuse in the Oosthoutpark as well.
82017-12-05 22:21:18 UTCeggie I fixed some of your footways. Streetnames stil must be added.
But .. please no parkedits anymore.
12017-12-04 12:27:28 UTCeggie Okay.good job.. foot=yes is needless tagging. It's default.
These are the default tags in Holland.

22017-12-05 19:11:16 UTCStewart Ferguson Great thanks. That will save some time in the future. That is good to know.
12017-12-04 12:28:34 UTCeggie foot=yes is default ..please remove the tag.
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