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12018-02-07 05:26:40 UTCuser_5359 Welcome to OSM! Please don't use abbreviation on street names. Stands the abbreviation cmn for common?
22018-02-07 09:30:30 UTCVetTrnrDraco User_5359, thank you for the feedback. I however was not the one to originally lay out the route I merely corrected it's path. When I am at my computer later I will update that. I am curious though as to why that one matters over St, Rd, or Ave?
32018-02-07 13:19:19 UTCfreebeer One can trivially go from, say, Avenida to Ave. But how do you know if Pl should be expanded to Platz, Plaza, Playa, or if Tr is Trail or Trace? St for Straße (yeah, I know, Str.), Strada, Street? And lots more. Like, is E the letter E in a series A-N, or short for East?
There are many mo...
42018-02-07 13:27:54 UTCVetTrnrDraco I appreciate the feedback, I have updated the road name. My best guess is to use the local nomenclature. I live in the area and wouldn't even try to edit areas in Europe or Canada as I have no firsthand knowledge of those places.
52018-02-07 15:46:00 UTCuser_5359 I would like to remind you carefully, that OSM isn't a national project! Please read
By the way, I usually change this without asking, but I didn't really know the meaning of the abbreviation CMN. You were "just" t...
62018-02-08 01:10:58 UTCfreebeer Hallo Vet,
I have just opened a challenge bug-report as
in Mexico which only took me less than a minute to find :-)
I am sure that you - or anyone around the world who can understand english and knows the OSM guidelines we are discussing here, can edit ...
72018-02-09 16:07:23 UTCVetTrnrDraco Such as I said user_5359, I was not the original user to map Westbrook Common. I do apologize for not catching the confusion when editing.
12017-12-07 05:49:02 UTCuser_5359 Welcome to OSM! Please don't mark the whole property as building. Only mark the building as building.
I also change your leisure=park with the name="parking lot" to a simple "amenity"="parking".
22017-12-07 05:50:44 UTCuser_5359 additional point: If the building with the name "TD Bank" is a money institut, please add an amenity=bank to it.
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