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12017-12-08 15:59:55 UTCeggie Your footway ended at the landuse grass in stead of the Vosholstraat.
foot = yes and footway=sidewalk can be removed.
The fotway has no connection node with the footway Vosholstraat.
I wil fix it. please reply.
22017-12-08 16:02:50 UTCeggie fixed
connection-nodes with both Streets.
12017-12-08 15:54:33 UTCeggie Hi...please delete footway=sidewalk (no sidewalk) and foot = yes (default)
12017-12-07 14:21:32 UTCeggie What do you mean wyth greenfield... landuse=village_green perhaps?
I don't think greenfield will render on the map.
22017-12-07 18:54:05 UTCeggie unknown tag.. please reade the wiki features. changed into grass
12017-12-07 15:37:36 UTCeggie Leisure tennis court is not a good tag according osm rules.
This was your edit.. please reply.
22017-12-07 18:53:13 UTCeggie aangepast... tags die niet bestaan zul je niet op de kaart zien. fixed unknown tag.
12017-12-07 14:19:34 UTCeggie Oke... probeer een Leisure=park helemaal los te houden van andere landuse. Dus niet plakken.
22017-12-07 14:37:29 UTCeggie losgekoppeld... disconnected from landuse
12017-12-07 14:27:46 UTCeggie changing the 3dshapes to recreational area is wrong here. The landuse is grass and forest. You are deleting the details of what you can see. Please reply.
The water is bad mapping of a former mapper. It must fit between the landuse. Lots of work here for the futurre. Please reply.
Don't change all...
12017-12-07 14:18:18 UTCeggie Niet te snel edits van andere mappers veranderen...
12017-12-07 14:14:32 UTCeggie Welkom bij OSM per PB verstuurd

22017-12-07 14:16:22 UTCeggie Oke... footway=sidewalk kan er af. Doe je dat zelf. dat klopt niet.
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