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12017-03-17 22:43:07 UTChenke54 Waarom heb je de naam van dit stuk weg van Aarschotbaan veranderd in Liersesteenweg ?? -> winkel Noordkaap is Aarschotbaan 42 volgens hun website ->
12015-12-08 21:24:19 UTChenke54 [quote]Where a river or stream goes under a road, railway or similar the upper way should be tagged with bridge=yes and layer=1, or [url=]alternatively tag the watercourse with layer=-1[/url] and tunnel=yes or tunnel=culvert (used for streams and drains).[...
22015-12-08 21:29:20 UTCJakka Correct. this waterway was/is tagged over long lenght -1 not correct That was my correction at that point.
32015-12-08 21:37:22 UTChenke54 long length = whole watercourse length ;
so ; "or alternative tag the watercourse with layer = -1 "
42015-12-09 04:50:39 UTCescada I'm not in favour of -1 for the total waterway. This was discussed a long time ago on the tagging mailing list, and the outcome was different from what the wiki page states. Adding bridges or culverts is more precise anyway. The layer tag should only be used when 2 or more ways cross. You do not ta...
52015-12-09 08:56:02 UTChenke54 what are then the disadvantages from tagging the whole watercourse with layer -1 , besides the advantages ??
62015-12-09 09:15:41 UTCJakka See:
12015-12-08 21:45:55 UTChenke54 to avoid this, just tag the whole watercourse with layer = -1
22015-12-08 22:19:24 UTCJakka I do not think you may tag whole watercourse with -1. Only where "Where a river or stream goes under a ...something + tag of the something...
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