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12018-06-01 21:32:48 UTCxujiayi_1256 Hi, thank you for contributing to OSM! I see that you added this roundabout based on a custom imagery layer that looks like a future planning map. Are these features in this area still being proposed or they have been built? I'm trying to get some local knowledge on improving this area. Thanks for y...
12018-04-22 10:48:28 UTCJoel Hansen Moggill Road Exit and Cedarleigh Road Exit. Make no sense given that they are sliproads that merge onto said road. Even if you did get it from the official government data. I'm going to take away the "Exit" since there is no sign saying this on the ground anyways.
22018-04-23 17:35:13 UTCxujiayi_1256 Hi @ClipArtJoel, thank you for pointing this out. I'm wondering if this is a common thing to look out for in government datasets?
12018-03-28 23:26:15 UTCxujiayi_1256 Please don't delete a road and create a new one when you edit something in order to preserve the history. Also, no abbreviation on road names please.
22018-03-29 04:04:53 UTCaharvey no idea how that street turn into three, I've tried to clean it up while still keeping the original road for history, admittedly i split it up a fair bit to add turn lanes. @xujiayi_1256 sorry if some of your turn restrictions got lost, I tried to avoid but could you double check it looks okay now?
32018-03-29 17:54:37 UTCnoamayer sorry for that, it was done by mistake, I will fix it
42018-03-29 17:55:02 UTCnoamayer @xujiayi_1256
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