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Could you check these two: - zero area landuse. Taney -> Taney Estate? Not all 'Taney; highways included....
commented 2017-10-21 01:19:36 UTC by VictorIE
(Discussed changesets: 38)
Hi, I'm sorry about this. I reverted the whole changeset. I didn't try to fix the routes anymore. Sometimes I do, but it's messy too.
commented 2017-10-19 19:19:44 UTC by Polyglot
(Discussed changesets: 1)
Hello! And welcome to OSM! I'm rorym, one of the active OSMers from Ireland, and I see you requested a review of this change, so here we go!

Overall it's very good. 👍 You've added houses that were missing, and included details that we can't get...
commented 2017-10-18 14:57:18 UTC by rorym
Md Atikuzzaman Limon
(Discussed changesets: 8)
You requested a review, so here it is! Similar to other edits this is perfectly fine and correct.

Using a building=barn here (it looks like a barn) makes the map better than just building=yes. There are a few other buildings around which you didn'...
commented 2017-10-17 11:44:05 UTC by rorym
(Discussed changesets: 1)
Hey! Thanks for adding Parkside!
commented 2017-10-17 10:27:02 UTC by automaciej
Cathal McNally
(Discussed changesets: 1)
Hi! welcome to OSM! This townland is already mapped here ( ), so I've removed the area you added (this one ), in this changeset (
commented 2017-10-17 09:45:20 UTC by rorym
Md Atikuzzaman Limon
(Discussed changesets: 8)
Hi! Review requested, so here we go. You've improved the barn as per last feedback! so yay! All good.
commented 2017-10-17 08:46:29 UTC by rorym
Md Atikuzzaman Limon
(Discussed changesets: 8)
You requested a review of this. Similar to last time ( ), this is a perfectly fine edit. 🙂 Welcome to OSM, and keep up the good work! 👍

Likewise, if you used a more specific building value, th...
commented 2017-10-16 12:48:33 UTC by rorym
Md Atikuzzaman Limon
(Discussed changesets: 8)
Hi! You requested a review. This looks good. Nothing wrong here. You could do things better in future. There are some other buildings to the right of that building which you could map as well. You have tagged this as "building=yes", which i...
commented 2017-10-16 12:45:51 UTC by rorym