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12017-12-05 00:11:02 UTCburtlang Can you help me understand what the numbers in the street names of Beirut mean/ how they should be tagged? Is it a reference number or an alternative name?
12017-11-13 20:05:16 UTCSaad Alrageess هذا المكان ليس اسمه ضليع رشيد، وهذا خطأ اسم لمكان اخر
22017-11-16 07:25:12 UTCSaad Alrageess هذا مكان ليس اسمه ضليع رشيد
12016-08-17 03:26:53 UTCFTA Hi Metehyi,

I know this changeset was quite some time ago, but you listed your source of this data as Generally that site has issues with its license compatibility (I think that is what was meant by tainted here: but also...
22016-09-02 00:42:11 UTCFTA Hi again Metehyi,
You haven't provided an alternative source for your data (though you have been editing since my first post), and the data clearly state they are derived from Geonames. Based on internet archive links, Geonames has had the same license since the time of your import. Beyond the link...
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