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12017-05-18 05:14:27 UTCprakashh Also, school in suryapur community of Kailali mapped.
12017-04-28 14:48:25 UTCChrysopras Hello prakashh, thank you very much for contributing to OpenStreetMap!

I am sorry but I had to revert this (only this!) changeset made by you because you accidentally damaged no less than 11 border relations – i.e. the administrative borders of the Far-Western Development Region, of the Mid...
22017-04-28 14:54:35 UTCChrysopras Please be careful not to damage administrative borders in the future again. Thank you very much!

Best regards – Chrysopras (just another mapper)
32017-04-28 15:15:22 UTCChrysopras (For the record: the revert was done in this changeset:
12017-04-28 06:19:12 UTCprakashh rajipur community lies in bardiya district
12017-04-28 06:18:28 UTCprakashh Rajipur community lies in Bardiya District.
12017-03-19 03:27:54 UTCprakashh It's a change in Bardiya not Kailali.
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