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12018-04-18 09:50:36 UTCradnaj Jan, I do not think that the note "Buy your bitcoins HERE" should be part of the node data. From the tags, this is a cafe, so I do not understand what the Bitcoin not has to do here.
12017-03-17 18:36:32 UTCCarnildo Gossard Field still exists -- "Juno Elevator Road" doubles as the runway, the building with the curved roof is a hangar, and the FAA says that five airplanes operate out of it. I've restored the airport node and improved the mapping.
22017-03-17 21:34:57 UTCradnaj Thank you for double checking this and undoing my incorrect deletion, based on the imagery, and no visual evidences of the aerodrome
12015-05-25 10:33:00 UTCradnaj According to the wiki, ideally a relation should be used, including an area before the speed_camera and a little bit after, in which speed is "enforced".
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