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12017-03-19 16:14:39 UTCAE35 Hi there

How can all this area be Askeby (385106917, v8)? We have a village Store Damme inside the polygon U have made for Askeby village.

Which node 2598799845 for Store Damme tells

Please spilt up one (node or polygon) for Store Damme & on...
12016-04-02 17:32:28 UTCHjart I have removed the tag amenity=prison from the individual buildings and put it on a surrounding polygon instead
12016-01-29 19:05:15 UTCHjart This is not a suburb
22016-02-01 05:15:39 UTCThorstenNeumann You can name it locality but this is specified for unpopulated areas. Suburbs can also be used for naming industrial areas etc. which are also without population.
I leave it unchanged, because both variants are better than the old place=yes.
32016-02-01 09:11:30 UTCHjart The english wiki says: Use place=suburb to identify a major area in a place=town or place=city...". This is definitely not a major area.
42016-02-01 09:13:56 UTCHjart place=hamlet could be appropriate here, but I'll leave for now.
12015-11-20 10:02:17 UTCHjart Please do not touch danish addressnodes. We are importing and managing them via scripts and it's much easier when they stay nodes. Furthermore danish law says that they are not associated with any particular building.
22015-11-20 10:03:03 UTCHjart Thank you btw for keeping landuse and highways separate. It's much appreciated.
12015-11-09 17:10:41 UTCHjart Det er en rigtig god ide at undgå at lade vejnet (highway=*) dele noder med diverse polygoner (landuse etc) da der er øget risiko for uheldige skader på vejnettet når de gør det og det desuden gør det sværere at finde og reparere disse. Jeg har allerede l...
22015-11-09 17:13:15 UTCHjart Oh. I've seen you edit here before, so I thought you might understand danish, sorry.
Basically, at least when editing in Denmark, please keep highway=* and landuse separate. Thank you
32015-11-09 18:36:19 UTCThorstenNeumann Hej,
Mit dansk er ikke så god. Min mormor bor i Stubbekøbing, men jeg liv i Tyskland.

There are many kinds of handling the mapping of areas and roads. I prefer the using of same knots for both. So the renderer will not surround the areas with white lines along the borders to the roa...
42015-11-09 18:52:47 UTCHjart As a very experienced mapper, who's primarily interested in roads, Iv'e spent a lot of time trying to handle roads sharing nodes with landuse and have grown seriously tired from it. Now I'm asking everyone to keep it separate and I believe pretty much everyone in Denmark now agrees with me. Thank yo...
52015-11-09 18:54:22 UTCHjart I guessed you would have some connection to the area, but then noticed that you're using a german language JOSM, so came in doubt :-)
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