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12017-11-18 11:23:43 UTCmueschel Hi,
here you added the tag "mdds:code", a week ago it was "MDDS_Code". Could you change to a common spelling of the key?
Btw, if this is kind of a reference number used by government, I'd consider "ref:mdds" as better.

Cheers, Jan
22017-11-18 21:17:05 UTCsfrank Hi,
first I did not find any tag for the MDDS-code (sort of e goverment code, found in census2011 documents and others), and also only less information for village tagging in india. But then I found a (older) discussion entry (...
12017-03-20 08:49:41 UTCulmtuelp Hier hat es versehentlich ein große Menge Verschiebungen einzelner Punkte und damit von Flächen und Straßen im Bereich des Stausees Unterbecken gegeben. Bitte mal schauen.
22017-03-20 20:15:25 UTCsfrank Sollte jetzt gefixt sein.
JOSM hat nicht aufgehört, Daten zu laden, dabei ist wohl was schief gegangen.
12017-02-23 11:35:23 UTCmueschel Hi,
you used the keys railway:date_start and :date_end. The usual key for this is railway:start_date and :end_date.
Could you have a look and correct this?
Cheers, Jan
22017-02-26 16:20:44 UTCsfrank Hi,
I fixed it. Was accidently used, because first I used date:start and date:end.
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