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12017-12-20 11:22:35 UTCMateusz Konieczny Hello! Small hint for future edits: it should be seasonal=spring, not seasonal=Spring (I fixed problem in this edit)
12017-12-18 14:07:12 UTCGhybu Hi farhadGuli,

Why in English? we are in a Kurdish region so we have to use the Kurdish names and the Kurdish alphabet.

12017-12-18 13:57:01 UTCGhybu Hi ferhadGuli,

A residential area is "an area of land dedicated to, or having predominantly residential buildings such as houses or apartment buildings."
As you can see this is not the case here, Unless the satellite view is not current...

12017-12-06 08:30:44 UTCfarhadGuli adding some place
12017-11-28 09:31:09 UTCGerdP Hi!
What did you try to map with this way?
Normally the tag highway=traffic_signal is used for a node on a highway=*.

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