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12017-05-29 19:08:03 UTCpolari Tarkoitin yhdysteitä.
12017-05-29 18:59:49 UTCpolari Tarkoitin siis yhdystietä.
12017-05-12 14:49:26 UTCpolari Aloittamani keskustelu:
12017-04-19 18:12:43 UTCemvee Hi Polari,

One more question related to multipolygons.

In this changeset you added but the relation and the inner and outer way do not have tags to indicate what it is. It is also not clear from the Bing imagery, so can you the tags to indicate wh...
22017-04-19 19:12:36 UTCpolari Hello.
It was just mistake i made. I have planned fixing it later. It should be a lake with island.
12017-04-17 12:54:21 UTCemvee Hi polari,

What is the source for the Kurjenrahkan kansallispuisto national park?

It is a bit strange it is a relation with an outer (makes sense) and inners. Is the area of these inners no national park??


22017-04-17 14:55:31 UTCpolari Hello.
Source is from Maanmittauslaitos/National Land Survey of Finland. I used this address in editor:$z/$x/$y.jpg and then drew over it.

That's right. Inner areas are not national park.
32017-04-17 15:11:39 UTCemvee Thanks polari,

Checked and yes, these inner parts are not part of the national park, strange but true.

I have fixed the relation in the light of, see
12017-03-11 14:37:19 UTCmapophiliacus Johtuuko karttaeditorista vai miksi ei näy rakennuksia, mutta lähempää katsoessa näkyy?
22017-03-11 14:48:21 UTCpolari Muutokset ei heti näy itse kartalla. Pitää odottaa n. muutama päivä että ovat täysin näkyvillä jokaisella zoomaustasolla. En osaa tarkemmin vastata.
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