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12017-04-18 05:58:13 UTCcreativebioarray human cardiac cells
12017-04-09 03:34:08 UTCabc12 سلام دوست عزیز دور برگردانی که شما رسم کردید بیشتر از دو سال هست که بسته شده
22017-04-09 05:33:27 UTCAmZaf سلام دوست عزیز. شما مشخص نکردید که کجا را می‌گویید. همانطور که از کامنت من پیداست من نام روی دور برگردانها را به تگ دستینیشن منتقل کرده ام. اگر به اشتباه ویرایش شما ر...
12017-01-06 11:52:04 UTCmueschel Hi,
the tags you put on the roads do not fully match your description: If you want to allow busses _only_, you also have to close the road to other traffic, e.g. by an additional
motor_vehicle:backward:conditional = no @ 06:00 - 22:00.

Let me know if you need help!
22017-01-06 12:07:43 UTCAmZaf Thanks for your attention. I added the motor_vehicle restriction as a default value when the conditional restriction does not apply, i.e. after 10 p.m. This means that the backward lane is open to all traffic after 10 p.m.
OSM documentation referenced below says that a conditional restriction is ...
32017-01-06 12:13:03 UTCmueschel This applies only if it's the same key, e.g. vehicle and vehicle:conditional.

A key like 'bus' doesn't make any assumptions on other type of traffic. I'd suggest:

motor_vehicle = no #closed for the major part of the day
motor_vehicle:conditional = yes @ 22:00 - 06:00 #allowed 22 - 06
bus ...
42017-01-06 12:16:39 UTCAmZaf I'll make the relevant changes. Thanks you.
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