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12017-08-08 16:10:21 UTCEssin In Sweden, like in the UK but not in Germany, highway=trunk is used for the most important routes (such as route 56), regardless of standard. Kraftfahrstraße is tagged as motorroad=yes and highway= corresponding to the appropriate route class.
12017-04-20 10:11:49 UTCDalkvist What source did you use? It looks a bit offset from the gps traces.
22017-04-20 20:54:14 UTCmathias_on_the_road Hm, I used the MapBox satellite images.
The shape of the feeder matches the image better than the gps traces.
Usually I like using the gps traces. This is strange.
32017-04-20 20:59:23 UTCDalkvist Mapbox is often a bit offset, in ID and josm you can realign the images with the gps traces but I don't know if you can do that in go map
42017-04-20 21:10:10 UTCmathias_on_the_road I checked again. The ways in the editor are aligned with the satellite image and the gps traces.
Only the rendered tiles show the old location which I corrected today.
I also changed the roundabout from highway=unclassified to highway=trunk
52017-04-20 21:46:21 UTCDalkvist It looks a bit of to me perhaps I'm being picky, it is much better then before :)
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