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12017-08-28 18:15:50 UTCcarciofo Hi, this changeset breaks public transport relations for Metrocable. What was the reason for the edits? Please revert your changes or fix the public transport features. Thanks.
22017-08-28 18:18:38 UTCcarciofo Also, please add more detailed comments to your changesets. "Details" is not specific enough.
32017-09-20 14:23:49 UTCMartijn van Laar (Colombia) Can we revert this?
12017-08-29 09:40:15 UTCcarciofo Ok, this is much worse than I thought. You seem to have edited ALL aerialways in the city and broken the public_transport schema for all stations, stops and platforms in the city. Kindly revert your changes completely. I encourage you to read up on the public transport schema (https://wiki.openstree...
12017-08-08 06:50:04 UTCMalexan Hi Irakli!

Why do you put this aerial way as active? People see it on the map and think that it works.
12017-03-14 11:34:58 UTCmueschel Hi,
you used the keys "vertical height", "vertical_height", "vertical_rise" to map the height difference of aerialways. These tags are not used in any other place. Typically, start and end node of the aerialway are tagged with 'ele' to mark their respective height.
22017-03-14 18:05:15 UTCIrakli Ika Ok I will use ele insted, thank you.
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