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12017-03-17 12:47:30 UTCConstable thank you sir for removing the saddle
12017-03-16 18:33:02 UTCConstable Hey sir, would you be so kind to explain me why did you add this saddle called "Passo dello Stelvio"?
This is clearly NOT the Stelvio Pass; it's already mapped in the right place here
Please remove this node (
12016-11-15 08:40:23 UTCglglgl Separating the changes into different changesets would avoid creating a changeset spreading over half Canada and half Western Europe.
12016-03-15 22:53:28 UTCDD1GJ Hello pavlina88, you've added a lot of paths and hiking routes. What are the real sources of your knowledge? Are you working for a project or a company?
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