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12017-04-17 19:58:38 UTCde vries Hi, Thanks for your contributions. But please don't add spaces to the postcode. The Dutch community decided to follow the official standard, without spaces. And our software with what we update buildings and addresses thinks the address is invalid with a space.
Thank you and happy mapping!
22017-04-25 14:53:39 UTCjaap de vries Hi,
Please do not change train stations names in the Netherlands, they are all right, but now I have to revert it.
12016-09-12 08:26:50 UTCMuokkaaja Miksi metroasema ja pizzeria olivat merkittynä samaan pisteeseen? Ovat kaksi eri paikkaa.
12016-08-19 17:51:15 UTCSomeoneElse For info, see .
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