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12018-04-21 17:37:10 UTCgsa Heißt der Pimmelmann Platz wirklich so? Jedenfalls ist ein Tippfehler zu beheben: PLatz -> Platz
12017-09-30 15:53:10 UTCgsa Gibt es das Flugzeug wirklich?
22017-09-30 16:50:13 UTCwilmaed zumindest auf einer Luftaufnahme ist es zu sehen :)
32017-09-30 16:52:07 UTCwilmaed
42017-09-30 17:11:22 UTCgsa Hm, ja, da habe ich die falschen Luftbilder angeschaut. Aber auf neueren Bildern ist nichts zu sehen, ich glaube nicht, dass das Flugzeug dort auf dem Feld herum liegt.
12017-09-16 11:42:18 UTCgsa Ist es Absicht, dass die Häuser Hausnummern (addr:houenumber) aber keine Straßen (addr:street) zugeordnet bekommen?
12017-04-11 00:22:46 UTCKevin Kofler Hi,

you have made a few edits to OpenStreetMap using the MAPS.ME editor. Be warned that MAPS.ME uploads everything you save to the public OpenStreetMap database. Therefore, it is important that what you input is correct, because it will affect many other users.

Unfortunately, you have set the ...
22017-04-24 09:21:07 UTCgsa I also have doubts about node #4786758025. A hostel in the same building as Hotel Sacher?
32017-04-24 11:07:02 UTCKevin Kofler Yes, I double-checked the 2 added nodes, they are also wrong. I removed them (and another bogus node added by another user):
12017-04-18 14:26:02 UTCgsa Warum wurde der Optiker Pearle gelöscht? Beim Vorbeifahren letzte Woche sah es so aus, als wäre er noch da.
12017-01-14 16:25:02 UTCgsa According to google translate you added "Lily German" to this note. I don't think this is information which belongs to OpenStreetMap. Reverted in
12017-01-07 16:54:35 UTCgsa According to Google translate you added "Sister home", "Four uncle", "Aunt home" in Chinese. I don't think this belongs into OpenStreetMap.
22017-01-07 23:51:40 UTCKevin Kofler I fixed the name tags. They are clearly wrong, Chinese characters also do not belong in the name:de tag. What you as a Chinese speaker can do is to verify the Chinese characters in the name:zh tag for the restaurant Lotos (= Lotus, but they spell it Lotos) in Feldkirch. I'm pretty sure about the fir...
32017-01-08 09:42:58 UTCgsa @Kevin Kofler Thank you for your very diligent effort.
12016-12-26 10:11:13 UTCgsa Do you mean "maxspeed=20" on ?
12016-12-03 18:22:59 UTCgsa Does this really make sense?

Wikidata claims, that Chaussée Brunehaut (Q2961670) is a road in Germany.

Moreover, the corresponding Wikipedia articles are not about one particular road, but about roads of that name in general.
12016-12-03 18:11:42 UTCgsa The wikidata IDs on "Wellenflug", "Maus au Chocolat" and "Der lustige Papagei" are wrong.
12015-09-23 08:10:08 UTCglglgl Would have been fine to split this up by regions, instead of getting a changeset spanning half the world...
22015-09-23 18:32:47 UTCgsa Sorry. I was not aware that changesets with huge bounding boxes can cause problems. Will not happen again.
12015-09-13 09:04:43 UTCgsa This looks very strange.
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