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12017-04-18 11:53:50 UTCSomeoneElse Hi,
A month ago someone mentioned that Bing imagery might be offset (see ). Can you explain what you're doing here to avoid problems caused by offset imagery?
Best Regards,
22017-04-19 04:56:29 UTCJason Roy Hey Andy,

Before this changeset, this island was traced badly. There were jagged edges which do not reflect reality. The changes I made were minor but do improve the outline as seen in achavi here: 
Do you have anything that shows Bing is...
12017-03-15 05:28:57 UTCCarnildo In addition to whatever you were trying to do (your changeset comment of "Fixed building" doesn't resemble your changes in the least), you dragged a node of an island off the coast of Alaska. Please be more careful in the future.
22017-03-30 02:48:54 UTCJason Roy Sorry about that, I accidentally uploaded a changeset form a previous edit. Thanks for letting me know, and I'll be more careful next time with dragging nodes. Thanks!
12017-03-28 22:10:36 UTCwoodpeck In this changeset you fixed the coastline of Gosti island, but there is a lot of extremely jagged other coastline nearby that you did not touch. May I ask why you focussed on this one island? Have you made this edit as part of a MapRoulette task, and if yes, have you been instructed by anyone to do...
22017-03-30 02:39:36 UTCJason Roy I focused on Gosti Island because I found it through a Maproulette challenge designed to find jagged islands that can use better alignment. I am part of a small group of OSM users working on improving these islands.
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