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12017-02-25 19:54:23 UTCNakaner Hi mhenson,

when was this import discussed on the Imports mailing list as it is required by the Import Guidelines?

Btw, please stop uploading further changesets which belong to this import..

Best regards

22017-02-25 23:00:44 UTCmhenson This was discussed on the slack channel openstreetmap imports like the mailing list keeps saying to use.
32017-02-25 23:42:36 UTCmhenson I sent a message on the import mailing list looking for more discussion.
42017-03-03 03:36:38 UTCmhenson This has been discussed on the import mailing list. I am going to continue with the import.
52017-03-03 06:34:08 UTCNakaner Please be patient and wait a few days more. You have already ignored the list because you imported it before discussing it. You should be happy that I did not revert it at whole due to a violation of the guideline.
62017-03-03 15:20:18 UTCmhenson i will wait.
72017-03-20 01:03:44 UTCmhenson 1) Thank you for keeping an eye on the integrity of people following the import guide lines. I get emailed if anyone make a change or leaves a note within 50 miles of Stillwater, OK so that I may check the integrity of the change set.
2) I believe I have followed the import guide lines. Is their a...
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