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12018-09-27 01:59:35 UTCPaul Johnson Probably would have gone with ref instead of name. Not sure what 10W=11 means, though.

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22018-09-27 02:26:06 UTCmhenson I corrected incorrect tags in

The OSM wiki page did not specify a ref or a name for a pitch. There are sign posts located on each field indicating the number or letter. Name seamed to be the most logical tag.

I read the ref wiki and can not log...
32018-09-27 02:27:54 UTCPaul Johnson Kinda going with "the name is only the name", and unnamed, just numbered fields don't quite feel like a "name" situation for me.
42018-09-28 01:17:19 UTCmhenson 1) thank you for looking at everyone's additions to OSM. Including mine!
2) I have thought about this more. I really think this is a gray area. While playing soccer, every calls the fields by the number, like the number is a name.
3) At the same time, I think about a city's fire hydrants or stree...
52018-09-29 20:59:23 UTCPaul Johnson No problem, someone's gotta do it to help keep Oklahoma improving and have some semblence of both human and machine readability.

In terms of ref versus name... I think most people not invested in which specific field would probably just describe it's location relative to a landmark, much as is th...
62018-09-29 21:02:04 UTCPaul Johnson Or, heck, way more common example... say you're heading trough Fowler or Pershing on the main highway through. Neither of those have names, but people will typically call them "highway 62" or "highway 11" given that their refs are US 62 and OK 11 respectively.
12018-07-08 14:11:04 UTCmhenson I should have upload this change set with my "mhenson" account.
12018-05-07 00:40:30 UTCPaul Johnson I changed this over to shop=charity, which seems to be a better fit for thrift shops.

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22018-05-07 22:55:39 UTCmhenson Thank you!
12018-03-13 13:54:31 UTCmhenson Jflint, Thank you for updating OSM. These trails have been matched[1] to mass Strava data[2] which gives a better accuracy then a single GPS device could accomplish. I will most likely revert these changes. If you like riding the trails, please use your GPS to add the trials at Lake Carl Blackwell. ...
22018-03-13 13:55:53 UTCmhenson My change set was 3 years ago, so most likely instead of revert, I will update all these trails to the latest Strava Data.
12018-01-31 04:28:57 UTCPaul Johnson Hello!
I reviewed your changeset on OSMCha and it looks great!
Thank you very much for your contributions to OpenStreetMap!
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22018-01-31 05:50:56 UTCfreebeer Hi Realj,
I am afraid you are partly correct in your changeset description.
You have moved the building to match a newer satellite image that is known not to be well aligned in many places.
The original position was traced from aerial (aeroplane) overflights that are much better corrected.
This ...
32018-01-31 06:08:57 UTCRealj KC @freebeer, I mapped it to match "bing aerial imagery". The other ones also look to be about the same. I also Checked with google maps, and it looks to be about correct.
42018-01-31 12:58:20 UTCPaul Johnson I know I marked it as good, but figured you had a reference other than "the imagery didn't line up". If everything is off, then try shifting the imagery so it lines up, having GPS traces turned on can help line up your imagery as well, since the GPS imagery layer is known good.
52018-01-31 16:42:44 UTCmhenson @Realj, I am happy to have another mapper in the Stillwater area. Cordell Hall was demolished last week...
12017-11-15 00:56:57 UTCmhenson Is this the change set where the hiking relation was removed? Is there a reason why the hiking relation was removed? Hiking is OK on these trails. "Lake McMurtry's trail system provides exceptional trails for hiking, trail running, and mountain biking" [2]
[1] https://hiking.wayma...
12017-11-15 00:51:31 UTCmhenson Hello,
I was reviewing your changes and looking into way "308981219, v4" that was removed. Was that a "overlap" way? The relation for both hiking and mountain bike had a complete loop. The overlap ways had a direction, one way going out and the other way coming back. The relatio...
12017-03-20 02:03:05 UTCmhenson Welcome to OSM! Thank you for adding information to OSM. OSM has been trying to correct the TIGER import by updating all roads to have the full name "Ranch Rd" should be "South Ranch Road" all spelled out. KEEP UP THE WORK!
22017-03-20 02:11:10 UTCmhenson HAHA after looking at some of your other change sets, I see that you already got the hint to spell out street names.
12017-02-25 19:54:23 UTCNakaner Hi mhenson,

when was this import discussed on the Imports mailing list as it is required by the Import Guidelines?

Btw, please stop uploading further changesets which belong to this import..

Best regards

22017-02-25 23:00:44 UTCmhenson This was discussed on the slack channel openstreetmap imports like the mailing list keeps saying to use.
32017-02-25 23:42:36 UTCmhenson I sent a message on the import mailing list looking for more discussion.
42017-03-03 03:36:38 UTCmhenson This has been discussed on the import mailing list. I am going to continue with the import.
52017-03-03 06:34:08 UTCNakaner Please be patient and wait a few days more. You have already ignored the list because you imported it before discussing it. You should be happy that I did not revert it at whole due to a violation of the guideline.
62017-03-03 15:20:18 UTCmhenson i will wait.
72017-03-20 01:03:44 UTCmhenson 1) Thank you for keeping an eye on the integrity of people following the import guide lines. I get emailed if anyone make a change or leaves a note within 50 miles of Stillwater, OK so that I may check the integrity of the change set.
2) I believe I have followed the import guide lines. Is their a...
12017-03-19 17:29:53 UTCimperialmog I noticed a few errors relating to the placement of a few objects at the 44/100 West intersection. The Phillips 66 is in the wrong place and was already on the map. also some other features could be easily converted from points to area features.
22017-03-20 00:57:48 UTCmhenson Thank you! I was just driving by on I 44. OSMAND (navigation app) downloads the whole state to the phone so I am not using up a bunch of data live. OSMAND usually updates their maps once a month. I see that you added the gas station 5 days ago.
32017-03-20 02:56:43 UTCimperialmog Ah, wasn't sure. I can touch up some of the places at that intersection and Pacific since i'm familiar with them since i pass by daily as work commute. Pacific was one of the next places i'm adding info in due to it being next along commute to add and almost nothing is mapped there.
12017-03-18 10:25:58 UTCPaul Johnson How was the trip? (BTW, it's QuikTrip, not QT; did that QuikTrip move to the corner by the freeway like the one on Sheridan did?
22017-03-19 12:54:31 UTCmhenson Not sure about the "move" like sheridan. I just add what is not on the map as we drove by.
12017-02-17 03:09:53 UTCmhenson updated tags to make it a building
12016-09-04 19:58:37 UTCmhenson Great Job on the Orange and White walking routes at OSU, They have been on my list to add for over a year now!
12016-03-06 04:31:37 UTCmhenson read to help with access times
22016-03-06 04:33:29 UTCmhenson If this is to much for you, I will take it on soon. I do not want to overwhelm you.
32016-03-06 08:11:14 UTCrfrancis In fact I did read that page, which is where I got what I did put, but of course I would be glad of any correction to it. I promise I have no ego about it. :)
12015-11-10 21:09:41 UTCmhenson Corrected map data and closed your note. Thank you for helping with OSM
12015-08-26 13:04:19 UTCmhenson Thank you for adding information to OSM. This add needs to have the building=yes tag to show up on the map. I added it.
12015-08-11 13:21:14 UTCmhenson 1) thank you for adding to OSM.
2) "Fluffy the white Pomeranian lives here" is not helpful
3) adding the house number, street, city, zip code would be helpful.
4) see this as an example
12015-07-07 17:36:58 UTCmhenson You are the second person to add these roads. Your imagery is outdated and these have been removed. I personally deleted these roads months ago. Is there a good way to flag this location so other mappers will not add them in the future?
Please revert this change set.
Your local Stillwater Mapper
22015-08-10 17:46:34 UTCmhenson reverted change set in 33245702
32015-09-24 22:35:23 UTCLuis36995 Hello mhenson:
Sorry for the late response here, I noticed you reverted the changes, thank you. I'll keep in mind that imagery is outdated in this place.
12015-06-30 13:30:42 UTCmhenson good catch, thank you!
12015-06-18 13:10:36 UTCmhenson : ) I mapped for a long time before I figured out how to "square up corners"
12015-06-17 13:54:26 UTCmhenson Looks good!
Friendly tip, when you are finished creating a building, press "s" in iD and it will square up the building making all ~90 degree angles exactly 90 degrees.
12015-06-17 13:49:32 UTCmhenson Good Catch, This town changes way to fast. I spent some time Downtown adding POI, but I need to remove the "old" businesses
12015-06-13 20:52:29 UTCmhenson your imagery is outdated. please revert change set
22015-06-15 13:36:17 UTCsamely Hey there. Thanks for your feedback again. I've already reverted the changeset.
12015-06-09 17:35:14 UTCmhenson Thank you! I have done a lot of mapping, but I have not reverted any change sets.
22015-11-16 14:06:49 UTCsamely Thanks to you.
12015-06-09 13:21:40 UTCmhenson The imagery used for change set 31829188 is out of date. The roads added, I removed months ago when they were replaced by buildings and/or barricaded.

Please revert change set 31829188.

Your local mapper in Stillwater, OK

22015-06-09 13:31:38 UTCsamely Hey there, thanks for your feedback. I've already reverted the changeset.
32015-06-09 13:41:51 UTCmhenson : ) Thank you Mapbox for helping OSM in being the best map out there!
12015-03-31 20:50:32 UTCmhenson Thank you for catching the fire hydrant in Stillwater, OK
12015-03-16 19:45:08 UTCmhenson West Farm Road was deleted in the update. Andy51edge, did this road get renamed?
12014-12-30 15:44:55 UTCmhenson In my opinion, name should be "Metheney Race Team" not Kevin's Shop.
12014-12-30 14:16:26 UTCmhenson Your phone number on Mazzio's Pizza has the wrong area code. Stillwater is 405 not 580.
12014-12-08 03:27:03 UTCskquinn ...wrong fraternity? Looks like this changeset is for Kappa Delta.
22014-12-08 13:58:02 UTCmhenson yeah, it was do to my wife walking in and asking me a question. I have learned to quickly click save/upload when she walks in. I did not have time to change the saved comment.
12014-12-03 22:20:20 UTCmhenson Changes look great, all abbreviations should be spelled out. SW should be Southwest, Cir should be Circle. see
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