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12018-05-03 14:17:14 UTCimperialmog Is this park a separate park or should it be a part of Frontier Park? Also there may be a part defined as a unit of Katy Trail State Park in the area.
22018-05-03 18:07:51 UTCchikinmcsaber I frequently visit the area, although I am not from here. I know this area should be park of a park, which park is the question. I don't think it should be part of the Katy Trail State Park as the trail is further west of the area in question.
12018-04-20 13:29:58 UTCimperialmog I messaged you about some questions on some of these edits and the alignment issues on the image base you used.
22018-04-20 13:49:25 UTCshryx86 Hi! I was using Bing maps when I made the adjustments. Since you're actively working in this area, I'll leave it be so you can do what you need to. Please feel free to revert any changes I made. I've noticed other areas I've edited where the roads, buildings, etc don't line up with the map image. I ...
32018-04-20 16:55:13 UTCimperialmog I can fix things and i needed to look through this area again anyway to update things due to changes and new map labels and tags that better depict things. General idea is to use the most common offset in an area for images and adjust others to it along with keep offset of detailed areas. Wanted to ...
12018-02-01 16:09:36 UTCimperialmog I did some improvement to this park and surrounding areas just a bit ago. So feel free to take a look
22018-02-01 21:19:31 UTCLionmama Thank you
12017-12-14 13:27:40 UTCimperialmog It wasn't for that. It was actually an old area related to Archgrounds construction that should have been deleted instead of changed to park when completed. The park was already there.
12017-12-11 21:47:35 UTCimperialmog This doesn't look like a park. Does seem to be an unmapped park a few blocks to the northwest though. This seems to be grass covered land a lot of it common ground for the subdivision.
12017-12-08 18:38:07 UTCimperialmog I touched up a little more on this for you. Particularly deteiailed one of the lots and McDonalds. is pedestrian highway correct path in all places? or is it wide enough. Also there is a plaza label that could be useful in some of the square areas.

Also did a sample bus station near here so you ...
12017-12-07 15:30:28 UTCimperialmog I touched up a little bit of this that you worked on in adding more specifics and added some other features here.
12017-11-10 14:42:21 UTCimperialmog I might soon help touch some of this up and help improve this. since for example the exit/entrace ramps to Natural Bridge should now be trunk links. Also want to add the hazmat restrictions for the tunnel area since there are labels for that.

Might look at other segments as trunk on Lindbergh sin...
12017-11-07 20:46:09 UTCimperialmog Question, is this road designated as Private all the way to West Watson? Since it looks like it has a center stripe in aerials in parts which don't seem like a private road. Maybe it is further up and could split the road to have access changes when it does.

and if you know speed limits, number o...
12017-09-27 18:26:43 UTCimperialmog I was able to build on the information you placed here. Defined the houses you added with addresses and details along with some additional buildout of the sidewalks and street refinement.
12017-09-20 18:28:33 UTCimperialmog I think i was editing some of the same things as you were at the same time, so there may be some odd conflicts that popped up.
12017-07-31 20:29:35 UTCimperialmog I noticed there are actually a few little errors on the labeling on this. the landuse retail covers the entire parcel containing the mall as it shows the relationship between features. Also some of the building labels is off. Commercial refers to offices and building = public should be access = publ...
12017-07-27 14:25:12 UTCimperialmog When they do start the library construction can further edit the area with landuse=construction

Also not sure if you saw i started touching up and adding things in this area since its where i grew up. Added detail to your work and updating things.
22017-07-27 20:44:01 UTCjaychris14 Last report construction will begin toward the fall or the end of the year per the Fenton Newsletter. This was not an eminent domain issue.
12017-07-16 21:46:22 UTCimperialmog I'm curious about your change on this from a swimming pool to just "water". Since it looks like a swimming pool to me. Unless something changed there and no pool exists anymore
12017-07-14 12:35:14 UTCimperialmog I will likely be able to touch up these bike trails a bit more for you soon. Since there are labels designating paths as part of a network which is most visible on cycle map layer. I've started labeling the different greenway routes and network designations in areas i've worked on: see Valley Park f...
12017-07-12 19:39:33 UTCimperialmog I don't know if you saw that i already added the school building earlier today so its now duplicated. Also you can merge the farm i drew that is adjacent to your section.

I can also show how to cut out a hole in areas like how i did with the school building.
12017-07-05 11:34:00 UTCimperialmog You can add to be consistent with other letter roads ref=MO AC for this road as well so it renders like the others on the map.
12017-06-26 22:05:37 UTCimperialmog Not sure if you saw this but heres a good public resource for Jefferson county that can be helpful for marking lines out.

A few other counties in the area have this resource.
12017-06-17 13:24:21 UTCimperialmog The complex might be more accurately labeled as a recrecation complex tag. The sports centre tag is more for indoor facilities.

I can also help touch up some details here and add a few things around it as well.
22017-07-15 15:46:05 UTCKR-KRKR-KR
Hi imperialmog,

Thank you for your message.

You talking about landuse=recreation_ground?
If yes, I would agree to add (maybe not replace) this tagging.

For my understanding and according to wiki leisure=sports_centre can be also used for outdoor facilities.

Further, I think the more...
12017-06-16 11:49:58 UTCimperialmog I was looking at some point adding this, thanks. Also if you know the extent of the subdivision you could plot that out as residential area.

Also, you can look at the county parcel info for more detail since there are a few additional streets mentioned.
12017-05-19 22:01:09 UTCimperialmog I might be able to help on cleaning this up since the park should be seperate from the woods. Here is the boundaries of the park.
22017-05-20 00:04:30 UTCArchArcadia I've walked all over in the park and there are areas you can walk outside the box. The shape of the park isn't a perfect box inaddition there are trails not shown. There also has been work on a little river system that flows throughout the park. It it a lot of work getting all these fine details a...
32017-05-20 00:14:05 UTCimperialmog I actually see a couple of areas wehre it looks like it might go outside the box, tough the park tag would be appropriate for the county owned land.

here is a parcel map for the county, so you can see who owns each spot which could get the boundaries do...
12017-05-10 11:43:41 UTCimperialmog Wanted to note, it looks like the westernmost woods mapping from what i can tell may be more accurately rendered as scrub due to trees don't cover a forest canopy but more overgrown than a grassland
12017-04-28 04:26:52 UTCimperialmog I might be able to help improve this park and some of the nearby area since its near my work and could stop there for lunch and be able to fill in more details.
22017-04-28 05:06:16 UTClaxin1914 Great! Thanks for the help!
32017-04-28 10:14:02 UTCimperialmog No problem. I see this park along my commute and know of a few other features in the area. You can see too some added detail i did a few days ago in and near Des Peres Park.
12017-04-24 15:50:24 UTCimperialmog This slip lane that you added was removed a couple of years ago. It is no longer present due to construction of the Danforth Plant Science Center (not rendered as of yet).
12017-04-19 12:14:11 UTCimperialmog Wanted to let you know i cleaned up some areas around here to add some more detail and based on OSM standards.You can take a look at what has been added. Eventually plan on doing a number of nearby changes due to mapping errors in the area and update information.
12017-04-19 04:56:58 UTCimperialmog I went in and added a few more things for you and to set it based on what standards are for OSM. Went and mapped the subdivision boundaries since i'm familiar with it based on my knowledge of the area.
12017-04-14 17:01:22 UTCimperialmog I noticed that the park from what i can tell is actually larger than indicated. Also, there is no need to tag the playground and baseball use with the area due to its defined in another area which is standard. I can also help add a few more details in this area to flesh it out.
12017-04-14 13:55:34 UTCimperialmog Is this an actual park? It seems that a more accurate description would be to have it labeled as landuse=grass . Also I noticed there's a number of little tagging errors in the area I could also clean up some to compliment this along with adding a couple of visible features nearby
12017-04-13 23:22:58 UTCimperialmog I was about to do this myself, thank you. I work nearby and have added a number of parks and detail in them, but unable to get an idea on this one. Might get by there in the near future to fully delineate park boundaries and add details, since there seems to be a few trails that aren't mapped out ye...
12017-04-06 04:40:14 UTCimperialmog Is the traffic circle on 13th Street a roundabout? Since if so it could be converted into one since theres an easy tutorial on how to do it.
12017-04-03 20:49:14 UTCimperialmog Oh good, I was going to eventually get to this as I work on my commute route and this being along it. I recently fixed the 141/44 intersection to have it show current situation and work under construction. Also starting to update the nearby shopping areas to reflect current stores.
12017-04-01 17:20:09 UTCimperialmog Thanks. I was having some challenges getting the borders right since i've noticed county lines are for some reason in the area off quite a bit and the city limits were wrong in a few places which could be old info.

And learned a bit too on the layer function on bridges.
12017-03-19 17:29:53 UTCimperialmog I noticed a few errors relating to the placement of a few objects at the 44/100 West intersection. The Phillips 66 is in the wrong place and was already on the map. also some other features could be easily converted from points to area features.
22017-03-20 00:57:48 UTCmhenson Thank you! I was just driving by on I 44. OSMAND (navigation app) downloads the whole state to the phone so I am not using up a bunch of data live. OSMAND usually updates their maps once a month. I see that you added the gas station 5 days ago.
32017-03-20 02:56:43 UTCimperialmog Ah, wasn't sure. I can touch up some of the places at that intersection and Pacific since i'm familiar with them since i pass by daily as work commute. Pacific was one of the next places i'm adding info in due to it being next along commute to add and almost nothing is mapped there.
12017-03-17 20:37:07 UTCimperialmog Want some help in adding to the park in some nearby areas for more details?
12017-03-17 20:33:44 UTCimperialmog I might be able to help touch up some lines and details to these parks and throw in a few buildings in the area as well.
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