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12017-08-04 22:25:42 UTCtonyf1 Shane, please only add real features.
Deleting, not evident on aerial pic.
12017-04-25 10:46:08 UTCtonyf1 Nothing visible, deleting.
12017-03-19 00:30:55 UTCnevw Welcome to the
You have added a few shop=bookmaker to the map where none exist.
Are you able to correct these edits in the 2 changesets you have uploaded?
22017-04-03 05:05:37 UTCCloCkWeRX These are now removed
12017-04-03 05:04:46 UTCCloCkWeRX Removed these, there's no evidence of any of them from imagery.
12017-04-03 05:03:36 UTCCloCkWeRX Removed this, its not verifiable
12017-04-03 05:03:29 UTCCloCkWeRX Removed this, its not verifiable
12017-04-03 02:37:48 UTCtonyf1 Hi
You continue to add features which do not seem to exist. Maybe you are not aware you are editing a public map? Please reply to this comment as well as one two weeks ago.
22017-04-03 05:02:21 UTCCloCkWeRX I removed this.
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