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12017-05-08 01:32:01 UTCschadow1 Good work for correctly tagging buildings to its type and not its name. However what is still in correct is tagging a building with a landuse. The landuse tag is used to tag a larger area that is used as commercial, etc.
I'll be fixing these latest ch...
22017-05-08 01:41:10 UTCschadow1 fixed
12017-04-19 04:32:32 UTCschadow1 Please tag commercial buildings as "building=commercial" instead of tagging the specific building with a name=commercial and landuse=commercial. The OSMPH has already been exerting effort to correct the updates made.
12017-04-18 03:40:26 UTCTagaSanPedroAko Your editing activity has reached the talk-ph mailing list and needs cleanup. I called for cleanup for your edits, but you need to be blocked by the Data Working Group until you read their block message.
12017-04-17 13:58:26 UTCTagaSanPedroAko (Please read.)


You still do not answer on my comments in past edits you did. What is really the background of edits? Please consult the OpenStreetMap Wiki ( before tagging building types. Tagging them as names are only cluttering the map, and it even affect...
12017-04-15 17:54:29 UTCTagaSanPedroAko I reverted the renaming and retagging of Home Center and LDB here. And what is the background behind adding building types like "commercial" and "residential" as names to buildings? Is this mapping led by the City Government of Batangas? Can you disclose the background of this ch...
12017-04-15 17:29:14 UTCTagaSanPedroAko There are some problems with the edits here, like renaming STI Academic Center Batangas, Jollibee (Kumintang Ibaba branch), Pic N' Save, 7-Eleven (Kumintang Ilaya), and BPI (Batangas City Jose P. Laurel Highway branch) to "commercial". Please let me know what are all those renaming all ab...
22017-04-15 17:31:14 UTCTagaSanPedroAko Please avoid renaming POI's occupying one building to "commercial". If you are mapping for the City Government of Batangas, please avoid destroying useful data.
12017-04-11 04:52:26 UTCTagaSanPedroAko Hi,

You have not replied on my coments, and I have been commenting on your edits as this needs cleanup. What is really the background of your edits, adding building types? Is this mapping part of a city government mapping project, or just adding personal knowledge? It looks like you're adding bui...
12017-03-29 16:23:54 UTCTagaSanPedroAko Hi,

I have been watching editing activity in Batangas City, but only this time I need to ask about your edits. I already asked ianlopez1115 to clean up edits in Batangas City, which are you editing now, but since he is still busy in real life and other areas, I can only ask about your edits.

12017-03-10 09:21:26 UTCmueschel Hi,
You uploaded many buildings with tags like 'material classified as' in various spelling versions - please do not invent new tags, but use only those defined in the wiki. Otherwise they are not usable at all!

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