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12017-03-06 07:02:22 UTCzors1843 Vandalism - reverted
22017-03-21 10:28:17 UTCjoost schouppe Is it because of his other edits you knew this was vandalism? Or do you know the area?
12017-03-06 06:55:46 UTCzors1843 Stop vandalising the openstreetmap data please.
22017-03-14 15:09:19 UTCGlenn Plas Dear pokemon player: in short: it does not work trying to create more respawns. You really need to stop or we'll have to deactivate your account and any other account associated with your personal details. It's not a threat but a warning that this will happen if you keep doing this
12017-03-03 17:32:18 UTCzors1843 Is niet op de meest recente satellietbeelden te zien. Imaginair ? Gelieve geen onbestaande gegevens in de database in te voeren aub.
22017-03-06 06:58:32 UTCzors1843 Vandalism - removed
12017-03-03 17:26:54 UTCzors1843 Beste,
Dit lijkt niet met de werkelijkheid in overeenstemming te zijn. Graag meer uitleg.
22017-03-06 06:57:59 UTCzors1843 Vandalism - removed
12017-03-06 06:56:32 UTCzors1843 Vandalism - reverted
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