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12017-04-24 10:50:40 UTCFredrikLindseth Hi,
if island/islets are taged with source=Kartverket, and the username has _import please do not align the island/ after bing maps, as the island probably are imported from official data delivered from map authorities here in Norway. This data is superior to Bing and Bing Aerial has many misalign...
22017-04-24 12:08:15 UTCDalkvist This user is part of the group that was blocked in
12017-04-12 10:09:31 UTCZonn I don't think that this change was for the good. it's obviously not true that this island is all forest. And tidal area was marked as island which I believe is incorrect.
22017-04-14 23:25:22 UTCEvelyn Desouzaa Sorry about that. I fixed the alignment of the island and the woods, let me know if you think they can be improved further.
32017-04-17 09:35:28 UTCZonn No worries, I was just trying to understand what's going on. I think new edit is really good, thanks!
12017-03-28 21:56:27 UTCwoodpeck You modified this island but left the glacier in place that now cuts right through the island which can't be right. Why the focus on just the island geometry? Have you made this edit as part of a MapRoulette task, and if yes, have you been instructed by anyone to do this?
22017-03-30 03:39:50 UTCEvelyn Desouzaa Hey Woodpeck,

Thanks for pointing that out, I have since fixed the glacier feature to not intersect the island.  This edit was made as part of a MapRoulette challenge for Island and Shoreline alignment.  There's is a small group of us working on fixing small islands in OSM. &nb...
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