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12018-03-13 22:19:10 UTCm902 Hi, is this really Field Closes? Looks like a spelling mistake!

Martin Hibbert
22018-03-13 22:25:07 UTCsixfoureight Whoops, think I was using the ctrl+s command to straighten it. Fixed now
12017-12-29 14:50:31 UTCGerdP Hi!
You've created a few highway=driveway + area=yes here. This is a very unusual tagging. I assume you meant highway=service + service=driveway + area=yes ?
22018-01-03 21:37:55 UTCsixfoureight thanks
12017-06-20 23:09:59 UTCMike Baggaley Hi, I see you have set the name of way 124123799 to D30919 in this changeset. Did you intend it to be the ref?

22017-06-21 13:36:46 UTCsixfoureight Thanks,
Just fixed that
12017-04-18 01:20:23 UTCutack Is there a reason you only added few static caravans Freshwater Beach Holiday Park?
If not, then I would trace them all from Bing, are they still there?
12016-02-05 23:22:16 UTCm902 Hi, you appear to have tagged Hazeldean B&B both as a house and separately as a hotel. I don't think that can be correct, could you take another look please?
22016-02-06 17:41:01 UTCtrigpoint Hi
Just to clarify a little, the building should probably be tagged as tourism=guest_house, name=Hazeldean and the separate node removed.

Please ask if you need any help.

Cheers Phil
32016-02-06 17:48:12 UTCsixfoureight Hello, I have changed this now and added extra info, thanks
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