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12017-12-08 05:50:28 UTC3vivekb Be careful about not adding intersecting nodes between the Los Gatos creek trail when it passes underneath the sidewalks.
12017-12-06 02:24:36 UTC3vivekb Please be careful that sidewalk tags aren't used as crossings.
12017-11-19 17:56:13 UTCNakaner Hi SF Sarah,

I asked you five days ago to stop uploading poorly connected sidewalks. Accidentially, I wrote "Hi Nickelodeous" because I sent the same message to Nickelodeous, too.

I hereby ask you again to stop uploading sidewalks which are not to the streets at street intersections ...
12017-11-14 16:29:41 UTCNakaner Hi Nickelodeous,

back in September Vivek asked on the Imports mailing list for a community review of the San Jose Sidwalk Import (see Other users responded there that if the import adds new sidwalks, they must be prope...
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