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12017-12-05 18:43:53 UTCtrigpoint Hi, is the delivery office really a Post Office? Do they sell stamps, pay out pensions?
22017-12-10 19:21:26 UTCAlexandru Lipan Hello, not properly a post office, but is under Royal Mail. Is a post office as linked to postage activity, without any tipe of auxiliar activities.
32017-12-10 19:38:03 UTCtrigpoint In the UK, The Post Office and Royal Mail are separate organisations.
From a post office I would expect it to sell stamps, pay cheques into the bank and send parcels.
A delivery office is not something that is customer facing beyond occasionally collecting something.
42017-12-10 23:51:36 UTCAlexandru Lipan I know, but services are based on Royal Mail sistem. Consdiering that other tags for that building that describes the actual function are not aviable, I selected the most logical tag following tecnical details the activity is based upon.
52017-12-15 00:24:45 UTCSK53 Either use amenity=delivery_office or amenity=postal_depot not amenity=post_office. The former is probably better, but the latter is more popular. Note in many larger places the delivery office is out of town in an industrial estate: locating them can be difficult they need to be tagged distinctly.
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