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12017-03-21 00:05:52 UTCWarin61 Hi again
Relation: 2308145 tagged waterway=riverbank ... is not closed ... and looks to contain ways 172860359 and 172860350 that are both tagged (correctly I think) as wetlands.
I think the wetlands need to be made into relationship ... so that the ways can be cut up so they can be shared betwee...
22017-03-21 00:32:57 UTCTheOldMiner I agree with your comments. I made these additions back in 2013. My changesets appear to have been damaged around the areas of the wetlands. There are more problems all the way down to Mackay. I am not 100% why, as they were all mapped from bing using josm. There is another user fixing the problems...
32017-03-21 07:07:14 UTCWarin61 Finding out who did what .. err .. and then once found are they still around, and amenable to working on fixing it?
Rather it were fixed .. as time and inclination allows. This is not my area of vast knowledge in either OSM nor familiarity with the land .. I have been through a few times but not s...
42017-03-23 06:03:12 UTCnevw I am likely to be 'the other user' but have been unable to fix any due to not being familiar with the area and limited ability to interpret the Bing imagery for the wetland areas so I have abandoned my efforts to fix. There is the following data that could likely assist but as far as I know we don't...
52017-03-23 10:07:03 UTCTheOldMiner No problems. I will revist the area virtually other the next few weeks. Let you know when I am done. To see if all the errors have be rectified. I had the same issues around Mackay a little while back. Maybe when they did that big rework of the map
62017-03-23 11:21:41 UTCnevw Thanks to TheOldMiner
These are the main areas
12016-03-17 00:51:10 UTCPeter W34 The bridges on Marlborough Sarina Road or any other road, should not be changed to service or any thing different to what the rest of the road class is. This wrecks the routing for all the people who use OSM for in car navigation, also all roundabouts should have junction = roundabout tag.
22016-03-17 03:29:08 UTCTheOldMiner I am not sure who this is and what authority you have make such comments without a spread of manners, something I intend to raise with the mailing list, it may be a good idea to not only provide an example but discuss the issue. There maybe a litigimate reason.
32016-03-17 10:43:22 UTCPeter W34 I apologize for my bluntness, I am fixing many of the errors in the map using Osmose. I was disappointed to find someone had changed these two bridges on Marlborough Sarina Road to service road, if the bridge is narrow put lane=1 instead. If you look at the history of the Funnel Creek bridge you wil...
42017-03-20 23:38:04 UTCWarin61 Error .. confuses me!
Relation: Develin State Forest (1481424)
Relation: Goodedulla National Park (1481425)

Are both the same! The same area should not be a national park and a state forest? Could you look at this please (I hope you are more locale than me).
Reason why I am looking here is t...
52017-03-21 00:38:44 UTCTheOldMiner I would be careful with starting a conversation with the word Error. I worked for the Queensland Department of Natural Resources for 6 years in the land management area. Simply, it is possible to historically have state forest, natural park, land leases and many forms of tenure coexisting in a laye...
62017-03-21 06:59:41 UTCWarin61 As a NSWelshman I find the idea of an area being both a National Park and a State Forest strange in this country. However if that is the case then it should remain so in OSM. I have updated the web links for the Goodedulla_National_Park. Oh and the tag natural=forest to natural=wood as that is the p...
12017-02-06 04:58:28 UTCnevw Hi
I notice PGS as a source around the canals.
What does the abbreviation PGS represent?
22017-02-06 05:15:54 UTCTheOldMiner The term PGS also known as prototype global shoreline. Read about it here:

Mostly obsolete now. Preference is to use Bing aerial photography to plot correctly. Hope this helps.
32017-02-06 05:57:26 UTCnevw Thanks.
12016-04-24 14:05:02 UTCLeon K I've been trying to figure out why some of the islands are flooded and I think i've narrowed it down to this changeset.
Just wondering if you need a hand with fixing them?
22016-04-24 15:18:31 UTCTheOldMiner That would be great mate, I found the area damaged couple of days ago, managed to fix the outer relation, but have not got to the islands yet, ie inner relations.
32016-04-26 01:44:44 UTCLeon K I think i've found a fix for the moment.

Having it as the inner of the multipolygon and also having riverbank tag confused things.

I've taken off the riverbank and it's rendering properly again.
12015-10-17 10:06:22 UTCGerdP please check uncommon tagging:
node 2984506160 has
Did you mean ford=yes ?
22015-10-17 10:41:58 UTCTheOldMiner The tagging is correct. A ford is commonly a crossing where a driver is required to negotiate an cutting in the creek bank, than cross a creek bed that is not formed (maybe sand, mud, stone) and a vehicle may or may not be required to enter the water. A floodway, is a common term used on all roads...
32015-10-17 10:53:25 UTCTheOldMiner Definitions are found in

Look at sections 4.10.3 and 4.10.4 for definition between ford and floodway.

Trust this helps
42015-10-17 11:07:08 UTCGerdP Thanks for the reply. The link to
the pdf doesn't work, but
I understand that there is a difference.
Question is: Why is this the only element
in OSM with this tag?
Do you know other places which should
be the same?
52015-10-17 11:09:03 UTCGerdP found the pdf with google :-)
62015-10-17 11:11:58 UTCTheOldMiner There would be thousands upon thousands of places where the tag should be used. I was quite surprised when you said it was uncommon. I will see if I can find a couple of spots in google street views as a example
72015-10-17 11:16:43 UTCTheOldMiner 21° 6'1.28"S 149° 9'49.64"E

There should be a sign that says "road subject to flooding" - This is a typical floodway found throughout Queensland. For 99% of the year, it has no water crossing it.
82015-10-17 11:20:00 UTCGerdP I see attribute flooded=* and floodable=*
in taginfo. I guess the latter is good here?
92015-10-17 11:25:25 UTCTheOldMiner When considered in a local context as a term well known with local residents, the term "ford" would be misleading. I have certainly used the term ford, when I have had to cross an unformed creek, in 4WD praying that I wont get stuck
102015-10-18 03:42:48 UTCTheOldMiner Been thinking about your comments. It would be beneficial to change the tag to ford with an attribute of floodable. Do you know if there is a simple way to locate all tags highway=floodway and change the details
112015-10-18 07:08:35 UTCGerdP okay very easy:
click on highway in the squre titled "keys",
select the tab "values" and enter floodway
in the search field. You will only find one
place, that's why I contacted you.
When you click on the word floodline
you can continue wi...
122015-10-18 07:11:34 UTCGerdP forgot to say: if you enter only partial
search values in taginfo, it might show you
typos as well, e.g. "flood" will find all
values containing the word "flood"
132015-10-18 07:26:43 UTCTheOldMiner I found the offending changeset. I have changed it to a bridge (to render as causeway) with an attribute of flood_prone=yes.
Having crossed the actually causeway, this would be the best solution. It is my intention to eventually place the riverbanks of the rive
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