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12018-04-16 15:21:04 UTCutack Hi,
are you sure that Lake Lane is specifically a footway, for pedestrians only?
Because it is part of many national cycling routes.
Is it for both pedestrians and bicycles maybe?
Thank you
12017-12-05 20:52:16 UTCmatt_twam_asi Hi, did you mean to delete the residential way 22814436 around Horley?
22017-12-07 20:41:52 UTCmatt_twam_asi No response so the residential area has been undeleted in changeset 54442530.
12017-06-03 17:45:01 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. You seem to have changed several recreation grounds to parks, objects should be mapped as what they are and these are different things.
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