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12017-04-21 22:51:41 UTCndm Great you're closing a lot of notes -- but they are so spread out -- are you actually checking them with a survey?
22017-04-22 11:24:50 UTCazzap Yes, these are all places I have visited.
32017-04-22 19:38:14 UTCndm Not many people got to UWE and UoB -- you're well-travelled.
12017-04-22 00:38:34 UTCDaveF I mapped & tagged it similar to schools. Put amenity/address etc on the encompassing boundary. Any buildings should just have building=pub..
22017-04-22 12:10:22 UTCazzap Thanks for correcting it DaveF
32017-04-22 12:21:44 UTCDaveF @azzap I haven't changed it, but you may want to have a read of the second paragraph of this:
12017-04-21 22:39:04 UTCndm Street is inside Building F?
22017-04-22 11:56:13 UTCazzap I have modified F Block as it was mapped wrong, the Pedestrian street is in the right place.
12017-04-21 22:49:13 UTCndm Sorry, but this seems wrong - only walked this ~1 week ago and most of the old car park was still fenced off -- under construction?
22017-04-22 11:47:33 UTCazzap Thanks you were right, i've corrected it now. The car park which was previously mapped no longer exists. This area is now fenced off and under construction.
12017-04-17 22:34:04 UTCndm Don't think the a turn restriction will work without from/via/to?
22017-04-19 20:27:19 UTCDaveF Is there a 'no_u_turn' sign? if not I don't think it should have a turn restriction.
12017-04-19 20:17:09 UTCDaveF if it's at ground level & passes through a building use tunnel=building_passage:
12017-04-18 21:46:06 UTCndm Is it really a tunnel? There's a bridge over it.
12017-04-18 21:41:50 UTCndm Maybe the extra service=parking_aisle tag might be useful.
12017-04-13 12:36:52 UTCDaveF Hi
If it's still being built it;s more accurate to ued this tag:
22017-04-13 12:38:42 UTCDaveF See also:
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