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12018-01-12 16:24:50 UTCSomeoneElse Hello BlinkingNora,
Are you sure that is commercial? It doesn't look it on the imagery.
Best Regards,
22018-01-12 16:26:12 UTCBlinkingNora Hello Andy, yes the imagery is rather outdated as a lot of shops and other retailers have opened up right near the Body Shop down the road. :)
32018-01-12 16:34:12 UTCSomeoneElse Thanks! Are there still houses at the western end? If so you could split it in two and have residential at once side and commercial at the other.
42018-01-12 16:35:55 UTCBlinkingNora Hmmm, not sure of the specific details. I'll be visiting next week so will be sure to take some photos to make edits when I'm next back on my PC. (Not sure what OSM editor is available on Android)
52018-01-12 16:38:52 UTCSomeoneElse I've heard people recommend as an Android editor, but not used it myself.
62018-01-12 16:39:31 UTCBlinkingNora My thanks! I'll be sure to check it out sometime :D
12017-12-03 22:47:02 UTCJamesKingdom Hi,
I don't think this is a residential road, this is the A259, which should at least be secondary.
22017-12-17 14:57:48 UTCJamesKingdom This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 54705241 where the changeset comment is: Revert road tag change
12017-12-07 23:38:47 UTCSomeoneElse Hello BlinkingNora,
Here you've changed to a "park". It certainly doesn't look like a park from the available imagery - that suggests it's an arable field with tramlines in it that a crop sprayer can go up and down.
Various people have been cha...
12017-12-04 19:53:30 UTCJamesKingdom I have changed this back to grass.
22017-12-04 20:27:25 UTCBlinkingNora "Back" implies it has ever been anything but a park for the last 3+ years.
12017-12-04 19:50:49 UTCJamesKingdom This is not a park! I have changed it back.
12017-12-04 10:42:54 UTCSomeoneElse Hello BlinkingNora and welcome to OpenStreetMap!
Thanks for all your updates around Littlehampton. I just wondered about the change to this landuse though - it was "residential" before, and on the imagery it still looks fairly residential, is it really best described as commercial?
Hope ...
12017-12-03 22:55:50 UTCJamesKingdom I don't think the whole college is a park?
12017-12-03 22:55:07 UTCJamesKingdom This is not a pitch, and the name "Bognor Pier Fishing Spot" is fictional
12017-12-03 22:53:58 UTCJamesKingdom This is also a pond, not a lake
12017-12-03 22:53:41 UTCJamesKingdom These are not lakes, but a private swimming pool and a pond.
12017-12-03 22:52:47 UTCJamesKingdom Why have you added leisure=park?
12017-12-03 22:52:04 UTCJamesKingdom This is also not a park + layer=-1 can be removed
12017-12-03 22:49:28 UTCJamesKingdom This is also grass.
Is this really called main junction?
12017-12-03 22:48:42 UTCJamesKingdom This should not be a park, but landuse=grass
12017-12-03 22:45:10 UTCJamesKingdom This is also a carpark, where's the bare rock?
12017-12-03 22:44:42 UTCJamesKingdom Hi,
This looks like a carpark to me, why have you tagged it as a peak?
12017-12-03 22:39:28 UTCJamesKingdom Hi, why have you changed this to "leisure=pitch"?, This is a theme park!
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