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12018-03-03 02:28:49 UTCfreebeer Hallo,
I am going to reply here to your comment in because here I see a large island of dry land newly carved out from the basin area Addicks Reservoir, along with a few highways.
the problem here and in the parks you carved out there, is that they can ...
22018-03-03 04:05:47 UTCantiviro Satellite imagery taken half a year ago during Hurricane Harvey? Your using imagery from a hurricane that was unprecedented in this region? That couldn't be a more extreme outlier. My edits imply that developed land is treated consistently, without preferential treatment given to cooperate, resident...
12018-03-02 05:52:19 UTCfreebeer Hallo,
You seem to have carved out part of a basin in order to create a park in an area which has been the subject of extensive discussion.
Let me draw your attention to the contents of the following note tag applying to this entire area:
note\tDO NOT TAG THINGS FOR THE RENDERER! It's a drainage ...
22018-03-02 16:14:42 UTCantiviro Then shouldn't the West Houston Airport, basically all the businesses and subdivisions in the area also fit under that same concept? The basin is carved out for some developed land, but not others? It seems rather inconsistent.
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