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12017-03-22 21:37:02 UTCj03lar50n I would suggest changing the road type and possibly only removing the name tag, instead of deleting the entire feature. Having driveways included in the road network can assist with routing.
22017-03-23 06:53:19 UTCsrividya_c @zhackney and @ j03lar50n
I have reverted the changeset at #47087298 changeset.

@zhackney do improve the existing highways and not delete them if it exists in imagery.
12017-03-19 16:01:00 UTCj03lar50n Hello, are you certain this is a park? Does it have a name?
12017-03-09 19:22:01 UTCj03lar50n Hello, your edit was reverted by another member of the local SLO OpenStreetMap community. The flooding may be a temporary situation, but it's not a permanent feature and not an appropriate addition. Please let us know if you have any questions - we're glad to help!
12017-02-24 02:53:00 UTCj03lar50n thanks for cleaning up those vineyard tags!
12017-02-23 15:05:33 UTCj03lar50n Awesome! You continue to make great additions to our local OSM - thank you!!
12017-02-10 22:30:14 UTCj03lar50n Hello, can you explain this edit? It does not seem appropriate from my evaluation of the aerial imagery for this area. Please advise.
12017-01-17 14:29:10 UTCj03lar50n Hello, what exactly are you up to with all the edits you're making on this campground? I am not seeing any benefits gained from your edits and believed the data was already in a good/usable state. I am local to this area and have worked with others to map this in-person. Please advise your intention...
22017-01-18 07:20:47 UTCBman Hi @j03lar50n, my apologies for the multiple edits with no visible changes.
In short, I was originally trying to improve things, then realized I made a mistake and tried to get things back to the way they originally looked on OSM tiles.
I initially noticed that they all had identical addr:*, and w...
12016-12-13 15:39:46 UTCj03lar50n Nice! Thanks, bro
12016-08-22 15:46:26 UTCj03lar50n Thank you so much for this fix!
12016-06-17 03:26:48 UTCj03lar50n nice add!
12016-06-11 02:02:42 UTCj03lar50n nice adds!
22016-06-14 04:25:33 UTCedgrmdna Thanks! I worked on a project to see if there was enough ag land in SLO county to supply all craft breweries with hops (all hypothetical ,of-course) so I had to update tags for all craft breweries in SLO cnty to extract from overpass.
32016-06-16 03:53:57 UTCj03lar50n that's so freaking awesome. keep on rocking it, yo!
12016-05-30 20:42:18 UTCj03lar50n nice adds!
22016-05-31 02:19:07 UTCjsauder Thanks j03lar50n!
12016-01-19 20:21:21 UTCj03lar50n :thumbsup:
12016-01-18 17:20:58 UTCj03lar50n Thanks (again), John!
12016-01-18 17:19:05 UTCj03lar50n Thanks, John!
12015-12-16 18:13:42 UTCj03lar50n not 'Cheda Ranch' as changeset comment bad. It is beach access.
12015-11-24 21:50:21 UTCj03lar50n nice add, thanks!
12015-11-11 18:16:37 UTCj03lar50n please use 'local_knowledge' instead of 'Local knowledge' for your Value in the Source Key.
12015-09-17 06:34:58 UTCj03lar50n why didn't you add this information to the existing building way? How do you know Rancho Grande Subaru occupies that specific location?
12015-06-12 22:06:50 UTCj03lar50n The way that you've imported individual parcels as landuse=residential is questionable as to how effective & worthwhile it really has been. Why not just hand-draw ways around the entire block and tag landuse=residential? Example:

This has resulted in inco...
12015-04-17 15:52:06 UTCj03lar50n Lance, looks good. Remember to 'square' your buildings with the 'Q' key in JOSM
12015-04-01 06:30:37 UTCj03lar50n please use the keyboard shortcut 'Q' with JOSM to Orthogonalize Shape
12015-02-13 19:44:00 UTCj03lar50n I think A74 is more appropriate than A51 for this way per this reference
22015-02-13 19:50:56 UTCj03lar50n I think A51 is more appropriate than A41 for this way per this reference
12015-01-09 16:05:43 UTCneuhausr hey just wondering why you're adding nodes only tagged with josm/ignore on them? if it's notes for yourself, maybe there are better ways to do it?
22015-01-09 16:59:39 UTCj03lar50n @neuhausr thank you for this catch. This is an honest mistake we've made in which we did not adjust a setting in our JOSM Remote Control to 'Download objects to new layer' when we're using HOTOSM's Task Manager. We will fix this right now, thanks again.
12015-01-04 22:36:36 UTCj03lar50n I think you can delete this node. Duplicate. Way already exists
12014-11-10 16:32:48 UTCj03lar50n How do you know this is content=water ?
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