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12017-11-15 16:03:44 UTCCybereric Pour information le chantier n'est toujours pas commencé (début 2018)
12017-04-19 11:27:41 UTCccamara Hello, I am impressed by how this building looks so good in 3D ( I am wondering how did you manage to add textures and to "model" it. As my 3D edits are quite basic compared to this one.
12015-11-27 18:29:47 UTCSomeoneElse Actually, from looking at and it turns out it wasn't a spelling mistake.
12015-09-28 11:54:53 UTCSomeoneElse I think that something went spectactularly wrong with an upload here - Durham Cathedral now has a huge number of duplicated nodes. I'm guessing that this changeset is the problem (61 pages of nodes, 1 way). Is there any chance you could tidy it up?
12015-02-10 12:54:49 UTCosmbuildings This 'correction' is a regression.
TV tower's sphere now turned into a cylinder + a dome-shaped roof. Please revert.
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