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12017-12-06 22:07:31 UTC0Geert0

Hoezo, Lommel Sahara is geen (natuur)park? Publiek toegankelijk, uithangbord van de stad, staat zelfs op Tripadvisor, speelgelegenheden, grote parking, vaste wandelpaden, natuurbeheer, honden aan de leiband, plaats van rust, ... Ik ben het niet helemaal ee...
12017-01-28 10:09:45 UTCPaDuke The cycling path near the "parking station As" was moved recently slightly to the west and it does not used the parking anymore. I corrected this based on my own cycling gps data, but in this change set it was moved back again based on outdated aerial data.
22017-01-29 19:02:55 UTCStijnRR I'm sorry. But when a lot of the map is outdated or wrong (as was the case near Station As), it's very difficult to see that one thing is more recent than the aerial imagery. Anyway, your remark made me decide to go hiking there, so I was able to put the cycling path back to its correct position.
32017-01-29 19:13:00 UTCPaDuke No problem. Looks good :)
12016-09-10 18:22:35 UTCWJtW Hoi stijnRR, als je de Passenger Lines tag verwijderd kun je niet meer zien als een spoorlijn 1, 2 of meer sporig is. Zie

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