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rabeh ram
(Discussed changesets: 1)

Can you recheck this waterway that you added Does not appear in satellite imagery.

commented 2017-08-16 05:08:09 UTC by saikabhi
(Discussed changesets: 2)
hey faridatcemlulaqbayli, welcome to OSM. i appreciate your interest in mapping. I have noticed that you have added a node to represent a park. but according to conventions, we trace a way along the park. keep adding to the map. Happy mapping !!
commented 2017-08-14 06:11:03 UTC by oormilavinod
(Discussed changesets: 11)
Hoi Arjan,

In deze changeset heb je een ontzettend groot aantal objecten toegevoegd. Je geeft aan 'adding some street lights', maar objecten zoals zijn niet getagd als street lights.
Heb je overleg g...
commented 2017-08-11 10:29:41 UTC by Nearo