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12017-08-06 06:28:27 UTCTheSwavu Hi, I've notice you've misspelt Mirri.


22017-08-12 14:08:14 UTCnm7s9 Hi,

When I surveyed this area the street signs (plural) said "Mibri Close".

However when I saw that I was altering what you had tagged, I checked "LPI NSW" ACTMAPI and ACT disallowable instruements and they both said "Mirri" and the latter document elaborated tha...
32017-08-29 11:44:06 UTCaharvey It was accepted practice in OSM to map what's one the ground So if the street sign says Mibri Close and the legislation says Mirri Close, then we map name=Mibri Close, and put Mirri Close in one of the alt names and not th...
42017-08-29 20:53:01 UTCTheSwavu This is Canberra. Good practice is to put in the correct name and report the spelling error to:

52017-08-30 02:58:16 UTCnm7s9 While surveying Canberra and parts of NSW, I came accross numerous cases where the street signs on opposite ends of a street had different spellings. How should I tag this case, and no, I'm not going to split the street in half and tag them differently :-)

I also found one case (since corrected) ...
62017-08-30 03:02:37 UTCnm7s9 PS - on my report I couldn't pinpoint the issues on their maps precisely, because they use Google maps and are badly out of date. (Doesn't even have the new suburb).
12017-03-15 01:30:28 UTCWarin61 Opps "Slap Up Road" .. tagged a highway=stream ...corrected to highway=unclassified .. as per LPI base map.
12016-09-29 01:29:10 UTCTheSwavu You appear to have added about 50 "new suburb in A.C.T"
22016-09-29 06:58:09 UTCnm7s9 Yes, bad choice of changset comment. I suppose I should have said checking (and correcting) osm road names and adding maxspeed and other features during survey trip to new A.C.T suburbs.
12016-08-30 20:50:57 UTCTheSwavu Sydney a6?
22016-08-30 21:06:48 UTCnm7s9 Yes - sorry about that. I've been way too slack about changing changeset comments.

I'll rectify that right now! Cheers
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