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12017-03-15 01:30:28 UTCWarin61 Opps "Slap Up Road" .. tagged a highway=stream ...corrected to highway=unclassified .. as per LPI base map.
12016-09-29 01:29:10 UTCTheSwavu You appear to have added about 50 "new suburb in A.C.T"
22016-09-29 06:58:09 UTCnm7s9 Yes, bad choice of changset comment. I suppose I should have said checking (and correcting) osm road names and adding maxspeed and other features during survey trip to new A.C.T suburbs.
12016-08-30 20:50:57 UTCTheSwavu Sydney a6?
22016-08-30 21:06:48 UTCnm7s9 Yes - sorry about that. I've been way too slack about changing changeset comments.

I'll rectify that right now! Cheers
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