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12017-12-06 13:37:22 UTCHelmchen42 Hello,
thanks for your contributions and welcome ot the OpenStreetMap project.

However there are two problems with this changeset.
First, you deleted several roads (including their history) and created new lines instead. Please do not do that, we won't be able to connect those new lines to the ...
12017-07-12 11:25:07 UTCTalal Alsubaie I have made a correction to part of the border between Saudi Arabia and Iraq, please accept the change.
22017-07-13 11:28:14 UTCHelmchen42 Hello,
welcome and thanks for your contribution to the OpenStreetMap project.

Given the delicate nature of country borders. I'd like to ask you for your source of the "exact" location of the boundary line.

Also for your information, the changes broke the polygons of the boundary re...
32017-08-03 07:24:52 UTCTalal Alsubaie Dear Helmchen,
The Source of the location of boundary, It's a KML file by:
about my changes broke the polygons, it's was my first editing by this site.
12017-05-13 10:32:01 UTCHelmchen42 Hello,
your changeset introduced a large amount of leisure=playground north of Vladivostok. Those playgrounds seem to be duplicated with one of the duplicates slightly displaced to the northeast/southwest. A few of the playgrounds I've checked with bing imagery also seems to be plain wrong as they ...
22017-07-13 04:56:49 UTCEduard Popov We are sorry. It was a mistake. We shall check these playgrounds.
12016-09-18 10:23:18 UTCHarald Hartmann Hallo Helmchen42, so rein aus Neugier würde ich gerne wissen, wie du dazu kommst, in diesem Changeset noch nicht vorhandene landuse=residential (auf welcher Grundlage/Quelle) einzutragen? V.a. der Bereich Brattendorf ( sieht für mich schon ziemlich zer...
22016-09-19 08:00:17 UTCHelmchen42 Wie Ich dazu komme: Eindeutigere Abgrenzung von örtlichen Bebauungen. Letztenendes würde ein landuse=residential hauptsächlich Gebiete ausfüllen die nicht landuse=farmland/meadow/forest natural=scrub/wood geschweigedenn landuse=industrial/commercial sind.

Als solches habe ich ...
12016-08-03 22:34:01 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
I'm writing to you on behalf of OSM's Data Working Group. Questions have been raised about the accuracy of the boundaries of Morocco, and I'm sending this message to many of the mappers who have edited in the area or expressed an interest, including you.

We're aware that there is dispute...
22016-08-05 05:30:50 UTCHelmchen42 This changeset was just a fix for broken boundaries listed in Wambacher's "International Boundaries" thread.

I have neither an opinion nor knowledge about the AL2 or Morocco in those disputed regions.
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