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12017-08-24 06:41:03 UTCGerdP Hi and welcome to OSM!
I've noticed that you map a lot of crossings.
Unfortunately you used highway=crossing + footway=crossing instead of highway=footway+footway=crossing
Please review
22017-08-31 13:19:58 UTCGerdP I've changed them all, see
32017-08-31 21:06:45 UTCgetBounds Thanks this was a work project and I haven't had much time to work on it lately. I feel like I got that tag structure from somewhere but not sure where thanks for fixing it. Initially I thought we would do more sidewalk Imports to osm but now not so sure. The import was more difficult than I anticip...
42017-08-31 21:10:32 UTCgetBounds Now I remember. I asked on an OS M Forum how to properly tag the crosswalks so they would render in one of the basic openstreetmap Styles. I got a snarky response so I think that turned me off for a while.
52017-09-01 04:56:11 UTCGerdP Well, many mappers don't like imports at all.
Another reason may be that there are two very different tagging systems for sidewalks, both well established.
62017-09-01 12:10:25 UTCgetBounds Not to drag this discussion out, but since you did edit these, do you find adding sidewalks important? We could add sidewalks for much of southern Ohio over the coming years if there is interest in the OSM community to do so. We will be mapping them anyway locally outside OSM as part of our work.
72017-09-01 12:56:54 UTCGerdP I cannot speak for the community. I'd prefer the other mapping method as it is less likely to break pedestrian routing. A missing sidewalk tag on a highway=residential is rather harmiess compared to a missing connection between all the highway=footway ways.
82017-09-01 14:39:58 UTCfreebeer Hallo get B. (may I call you get?)
I cannot speak for the community either, nor have I looked at any details of this conversation, but I would welcome the addition of sidewalk data in Ohio and elsewhere, just as I have tried to contribute missing data regardless of importance or appropriateness. S...
12017-07-15 10:30:45 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you check the tagging of these shapes? They don't have any valid tags. For example:

Cheers, Jan
22017-07-15 10:41:46 UTCgetBounds Thanks not sure what happened here. I think these are supposed to be holes in the park polygon. I'll have to check. I assume I can cut holes in polygons in iD?
12017-03-14 23:03:30 UTCSpanholz Welcome to OSM,

your changes are very appreciated as your area is not very well mapped. Please also change the roads from Highway=residential to highway=unclassified if they are not in residential areas.

If you need any help just contact me.

Have fun mapping!
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