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12017-01-14 18:45:11 UTCMike Baggaley Hi Andy, U10633 does not seem like a valid name for way 107127842. Were you intending it to be the ref?

22017-01-14 18:47:44 UTCMike Baggaley I also notice ways 138609531, 144783725 and 144783731 have similar errors (U4047 and U3071).

32017-01-14 23:31:14 UTCandyfrizzle Mike, These are unclassified county roads in Northumberland that I am adding to OSM.
The U1063 is the road number as classified by Northumberland County Council. The road numbers can be checked against the Northumberland Adopted Highways Map at

42017-01-14 23:43:10 UTCMike Baggaley Hi Andy, no problem with the numbers, but they need to go in the ref field, not the name field. I think there are 7 instances of your changes putting them in the name field - the 4 previously mentioned plus ways 202029240, 465437434 and 465437953.

You can view them at URLs of the form http://www....
52017-01-14 23:58:11 UTCandyfrizzle Mike,
I will amend the records, but I cannot see where to enter the 'ref=U1063' data when editing the map. Let me know how to do this and I will amend the records.
62017-01-15 00:23:59 UTCandyfrizzle Mike,
I now understand how to input the ref field.
I will amend the other records.
Thanks for the input and assistance.
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