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12017-06-14 06:44:03 UTCBCNorwich Hello There, Just wanted to point out that the way "highway=unclassified
ref=U3064" (south section) that you've added duplicates the ways that are already mapped on that route. The duplication of highways seriously disrupts any attempt by software to route over these ways.
At the river y...
22017-06-14 13:21:19 UTCandyfrizzle BCNorwich, Thanks for the feedback. I've reviewed and hopefully correctly amended the highways.
32017-06-15 16:58:37 UTCtrigpoint Hi Andy, I have a few concerns about these edits.
You have changed this way from a track to unclassified and included the surface=unpaved, in the UK it is reasonable to expect an unclassified road to be surfaced, I believe that unless it has been surfaced it should have been left as a track.
What ...
42017-06-15 18:17:51 UTCandyfrizzle trigpoint,
I dont want to start an argument of any sort, but it was my understanding that contributors to the OSM project should make their contributions as accurate as possible, and that has been my intention, based on facts.
The road, edited by myself, is an unclassified road, lawfully usable b...
52017-06-16 11:51:40 UTCSK53 This does indeed appear to be classified as an unclassified road by the county council. There will always be edge cases where the rules-of-thumb fall down, and this is one of them. I don't believe that it should be mapped as such on OSM: highway=track is much more appropriate. A couple of important ...
62017-06-16 11:58:07 UTCRichard highway=unclassified, surface=unpaved is ok but slightly unidiomatic for UK mapping. There's nothing wrong with it per se - there are lots of dirt roads in the States mapped that way, for example - but it's slightly unexpected in a UK context where highway=unclassified isn't used by custom for such ...
72017-06-16 12:05:46 UTCSK53 Just thought I'd add links to the similar highways which I mentioned earlier:

Tillington, West Sussex:

Two in Marefield, Leics:

Red Lodge Road:
Blackspinney Lane:
82017-06-16 14:03:04 UTCandyfrizzle Thanks for the further input, I have no problems making the amendments as suggested prior. Northumberland has a vast network of unsurfaced unclassified roads with vastly varying roads surfaces. I would not be surprised is there are more than a hundred in this county alone. I will try and work throug...
92017-06-16 14:22:24 UTCSK53 Thanks Andy. I've added this to the wiki It's largely based on the discussion here, but I should also add some examples from Northumberland too. I think pressure of use in SE England, Peak District etc has l...
12017-01-14 18:45:11 UTCMike Baggaley Hi Andy, U10633 does not seem like a valid name for way 107127842. Were you intending it to be the ref?

22017-01-14 18:47:44 UTCMike Baggaley I also notice ways 138609531, 144783725 and 144783731 have similar errors (U4047 and U3071).

32017-01-14 23:31:14 UTCandyfrizzle Mike, These are unclassified county roads in Northumberland that I am adding to OSM.
The U1063 is the road number as classified by Northumberland County Council. The road numbers can be checked against the Northumberland Adopted Highways Map at

42017-01-14 23:43:10 UTCMike Baggaley Hi Andy, no problem with the numbers, but they need to go in the ref field, not the name field. I think there are 7 instances of your changes putting them in the name field - the 4 previously mentioned plus ways 202029240, 465437434 and 465437953.

You can view them at URLs of the form http://www....
52017-01-14 23:58:11 UTCandyfrizzle Mike,
I will amend the records, but I cannot see where to enter the 'ref=U1063' data when editing the map. Let me know how to do this and I will amend the records.
62017-01-15 00:23:59 UTCandyfrizzle Mike,
I now understand how to input the ref field.
I will amend the other records.
Thanks for the input and assistance.
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