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12018-03-11 03:12:50 UTCmarkscalf Why did you add destination=Telephone Road;Davis Road when based on OSC imagery it should be destination:ref=TX 121 North and destination=Bonham??
22018-03-12 08:31:09 UTCoanac2_telenav Because at that time there wasn't OSC imagery I have added the information from Wikipedia according to the corresponding exit. (I've added the information in 01-03-2018 and the OSC is from 09-03-2018). I see now the difference, thank you for making the changes and for the heads up.
Have a nice day
12017-12-06 14:54:01 UTCsimonap_telenav Hi Mark,
I've noticed you changed some ways from motorway to motorway links and otherwise, but they seemed correct as they were tagged before.For example, the way 8728689 looks like an off-ramp, so I think it should be tagged as motorway_link.(
22017-12-06 16:35:44 UTCmarkscalf This situation is a little confusing. At the motorway junction or leading node for that way, there is an exit to the left to Gratiot avenue which is why the link is on the left and the motorway is on the right. Motorway continues along way 8728689 until you get to the end node where motorway split...
12017-11-22 19:55:33 UTCtreestryder I appreciate the addition of the exit references and destination information.
22017-11-22 20:20:49 UTCmarkscalf Of course, glad to help, there is quite a bit of new imagery from openstreetcam so we are now able to verify and add exit information.
32017-11-22 20:37:53 UTCtreestryder I used OpenStreetCam for a time, then my camera developed a dead spot. Recently, after receiving free car and bicycle mounts from Mapillary, I started using their app. You should see them showing up, dead spot and dimly lit and all.
12017-11-01 07:20:17 UTCHarald Hartmann Hello markscalf. Hmm, i think something went wrong within this changesets ... 4,226 nodes with strange keys, e.g.
I think you should review your changes ;-)
22017-11-01 09:20:58 UTCmueschel I deleted these nodes - most of them do not correspond to any structure on the ground, and they do not have any common OSM tag.
32017-11-01 15:20:44 UTCmarkscalf :( Was correcting some building alignments near the new arena and when I submitted them I noticed the 4000+ changes. I canceled the upload and wasn't aware that these actually stuck. My apologies. Thanks for your help reverting.
12017-09-01 19:32:06 UTCmarkscalf Ian looks like this was added a long time ago; I am helping with some of the tiger cleanup in this area. Is this island legit?
22017-09-01 19:40:49 UTCiandees Hi Mark. This changeset was from a GNIS import way back when. They were digitized from old USGS topo maps and can very well be wrong. If other data (satellite, local observation) doesn't show this stuff then I'd say it can be deleted.
12017-08-22 02:44:27 UTCmarkscalf Just curious why this was made into a dual carriageway and why you decided not to continue northbound? There is no physical divider and the point at which the dual carriageway ends seems random.
22017-08-22 02:48:08 UTCmarkscalf You can ignore my previous comment. Didn't notice the physical divider in the OSC images.
32017-08-23 06:49:26 UTChoream_telenav okey :)
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