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12018-08-01 03:15:07 UTCWoodWoseWulf Hi, I think you're looking for driveways rather than footpaths in this case:
22018-08-01 03:16:20 UTCWoodWoseWulf Whoops - wrong changeset :S
12018-07-23 05:41:56 UTCWoodWoseWulf multiple *houses* inside
12018-07-19 01:30:51 UTCWoodWoseWulf I just noticed that I accidentally left hash tags relevant to cleaning up vandalism in this change set. Please ignore - they were for another set of changes a few days ago.
12018-02-18 04:11:39 UTCWoodWoseWulf weir***
12018-02-16 00:39:13 UTCWoodWoseWulf "If no one else doesn't hit it"

I totally meant to write that :S
12018-01-22 05:36:21 UTCWoodWoseWulf Park* even
12017-11-02 22:10:29 UTCWoodWoseWulf Source: Survey + GPS trace
12017-10-05 20:31:26 UTCWoodWoseWulf Gosford*
12017-06-05 05:40:38 UTCWoodWoseWulf Fixed, changeset #49257849
12017-04-04 07:35:07 UTCWoodWoseWulf Oh my goodness. PEARL BEACH, NOT PALM BEACH.
12017-04-02 07:45:33 UTCWoodWoseWulf I mean recreation_ground not recreation_area***
12017-03-25 03:33:37 UTCWarin61 Way 482161878 (wood) crosses itself .. a figure 8.
12016-05-25 04:04:41 UTCWoodWoseWulf Description is incorrect, sorry - this changeset fleshes out the ruins of the Morriset Hospital for the Criminally insane, including adding a number of other names that it was known by. Marked out the buildings in the ruin, changed the ruin from "walls" to "ruin" marked tracks in...
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