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12018-08-19 05:08:53 UTCkocio Hi,

Why did you change the name of Gulf of Bothnia? It's a gulf laying between Sweden and Finland, not some English speaking countries, so the name should reflect it in my opinion.
22018-08-21 19:40:05 UTCpangoSE I agree. SV - FI or FI - SV name would be fine.
32018-08-21 19:43:15 UTCpangoSE Additionally I think this multipolygon should be deleted and replaced by a point. It has 1600+ members but this does not add any value, the fact that "Gulf of Bothnia" encompasses both the bothnian bay, kvarken and bothnian sea could be turned into a description.
42018-08-21 19:49:21 UTCkocio In my opinion turning a point into an area was adding value, and that's why I did it. It's much closer to reality than a (more or less) random point somewhere inside.
12017-12-04 13:41:53 UTCKapeK I loaded objects, but I forgot to make a changes to x number of objects, before I uploaded :(
12017-04-20 16:08:28 UTCEssin Please consider and
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