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12017-04-17 09:01:28 UTCDalkvist Thanks for helping then the tedious stuff, that we locals don't prioritise. But please update the source information, they way have landsat, the changeset bing and the comment mapbox, it is going to be hard for future mapers to know which is right.
12017-03-28 21:54:59 UTCwoodpeck You claim to have used Bing imagery for this changeset, but Bing imagery just shows a blurry cloud of white and you can't even see that there's supposed to be an island here so the source specification must have been a mistake. Can you clarify your source? Have you made this edit as part of a MapRou...
22017-03-30 23:39:12 UTCAshley Rose There's some rock visible in Bing here. Its not unreasonable to assume that the blurry rock seen in imagery is the same feature represented by the existing island (w232976567), so I tried to improve the island with Bing. However you are right that I should not have edited this island with only Bing....
12017-03-28 13:35:49 UTCDaveF Hi Ashley
To double check, did you mean to delete a pier in Norway:
22017-03-30 23:20:52 UTCAshley Rose Hi Dave,
Thanks for catching that, I did not mean to. I've added the pier back:
Thanks again,
12017-03-28 09:43:47 UTCimagico Hello Ashley,

this edit and other edits in similar setting are factually incorrect, you are 'improving' existing mapping based on fairly accurate 2-3 year old imagery by 4rch using exceptionally poor, snow impaired 15 year old images in Bing. Please don't do that and revert your past edits in su...
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