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12018-01-16 18:43:35 UTCBaKaUma Also didn't change that Shun Lee Tsuen Road and Hip Wo Street have no barrier between upbound and downbound, since I am rubbish so I won't remove them and set bus route and etc. again
12017-12-09 10:02:02 UTCacette A guide on modelling using aerial imagery:
12017-12-03 16:22:45 UTCacette 請注意當衛星不是在正上方,可看到建築物側面時,不要將建築物側面也描繪出來。地圖上應當是建築物的平面圖。同時要留心衛星影像的位置偏移。
22017-12-03 16:30:03 UTCacette 例如這個: (我已恢復,show more 可以看到區別)
32017-12-04 05:36:52 UTCBaKaUma Thanks for the advises !
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