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12017-12-04 11:27:44 UTCarvdk 'De groene kapper', you added address information to it. That is almost always wrong, since in the Netherlands, all address information is already present, due to BAG Imports. If you now search for the address*, you get 2 hits. Could you please merge them? In next eddits, try to search for the exist...
22017-12-04 11:36:14 UTCmapEditorMe Thank you for the clear information. I have removed the new duplicate and added the information to the existing BAG import. Please find the commit here:
32017-12-04 11:59:53 UTCarvdk Perfect. Thank you for your contribution.
12017-12-04 11:23:53 UTCarvdk Removed pedrestrian crossing. Took a while before I got that. Yes, that also resolves the issue. :)
12017-12-04 09:22:39 UTCarvdk PB met welkom verstuurd.
22017-12-04 10:05:02 UTCarvdk hoi MapEditorMe,
Bedankt voor je toevoeging. Bekijk even dit zebra die je hebt toegevoegd:
Als de wegen niet aan elkaar verbonden zijn en welk kruisen, betekent dat ze over elkaar heen gaan (viaduct) of onder elkaar door (tunnel). Dit zebra pad moet dus...
32017-12-04 11:03:32 UTCmapEditorMe I think I fixed it here:
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