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12017-12-03 22:12:50 UTCti-lo "after discussion on the Tagging list" implies that there was a consensus, but there wasn't any. It was rather said that "We all map our personal preference and hobbies" :
Please check this documentation...
22017-12-04 13:29:57 UTCPolarbear Please stop trolling. This analysis show how you were continuously fooling the community this year:
You continue by sending further troll subjects to the tagging list:
12017-10-25 22:11:27 UTCPolarbear-repair "PE: remove key with value being a space" would be the correct CS description
12017-09-15 19:14:25 UTCEzekielT You were the first one making personal allegations, by insisting that I think my tagging is "funny", and that I focus on making "parodistic" (a world you seem to LOVE using all the time) contributions, even though I never said nor implied it (and it isn't true, it's a false state...
22017-09-15 19:24:43 UTCEzekielT If you look at taginfo, contact:yelp has been used 520 times by 35 different users:
32017-09-15 20:26:14 UTCPolarbear-repair The fact that a few users are using a tag wrongly does not make it correct.
addr:* are for parts of addresses,
contact:* are means of contacting the company, not a collection of review websites.
42017-09-15 20:30:11 UTCEzekielT That is true, I hadn't thought of that. Thanks for correcting my mistake :).
52017-09-15 20:31:35 UTCEzekielT See? When you explain things without prejudice, I'll listen :).
12017-07-25 14:15:06 UTCEzekielT There turns out to be a key for temporary features?:
22017-07-25 22:24:34 UTCPolarbear-repair First, it is a draft.

Second, if you read on, it is about temporary road closures which have a clearly defined time range, and are important for navigation/routing.
The other application is humanitarian support on disaster relief, such as collapsed buildings or refugee tents.

Please do not ...
12017-06-02 23:28:45 UTCPolarbear-repair stale changeset comment. Correct is:
DE: Revert CS 48102896 for wrong unification of specific green areas to 'park'; sometimes creating a park in a park.
12017-03-23 13:25:59 UTCtrigpoint Big question, why? What is the problem you are fix? Does it need fixing?
In the case of these roundabouts, they are a single way so I would question why they are relations in the first place. But once the roundabout is split for route relations then having the name on the relation makes.perfect sen...
22017-03-23 14:00:13 UTCPolarbear I was analysing the usage of jct=roundabout on relations for a wiki discussion, please find the results here:

type=junction (here) is only a proposal and ignored by prominent data consumers. Also, I find type=route i...
32017-03-23 14:08:01 UTCSK53 I very much doubt that the road name on these roundabouts is actually XXX roundabout, it is more likely to be the name of one of the roads (as for instance the junction of Donnington Wood Way with Celandine Road). It is the junction which carries the name not the road segments which form the junctio...
42017-03-23 23:32:56 UTCPolarbear Is there any evidence that supports the assumption that the road forming a roundabout does not carry the name of the roundabout? Is there a streetsign posted along the loop carrying the road name and not the roundabout name? I only know cases where the roundabout name is posted.
12017-03-08 19:32:39 UTCPolarbear-repair correction: this was IE, not NI
12017-03-07 09:24:16 UTCPolarbear-repair correction: "IE: add building tag"
12017-02-13 10:40:09 UTCPolarbear Further, objects on which CS46018768 just removed leading/trailing spaces in values were not reverted by the JOSM plugin. This explains the difference between the way/node numbers between CS46018768 and this one.
12017-01-30 07:41:24 UTCvsandre Ich würde hier eindeutig amenity=social_facility empfehlen, da es kein Veranstaltungs-/Gemeindezentrum allgemeiner Art ist.
22017-01-30 13:26:53 UTCPolarbear Dass sich das Zentrum an eine spezielle Zielgruppe richtet, ist nicht unschädlich, dafür gibt es ja die Subtags. Ich habe mal den Abschnitt "Abgrenzung" aus der engl. Wiki hier übersetzt:

Bei der konkre...
12017-01-23 23:30:03 UTCPolarbear Typo in CS comment, this is Neukölln of course.
12016-12-23 18:34:36 UTCPolarbear Typo in the CS comment of this revert: the reverted CS was 39039628
12016-07-25 20:16:34 UTCPolarbear Revert or CS 41001116.
12016-02-01 18:55:39 UTCDaveF You serious expect users to set up their own carto just to see why it isn't working properly? Please get Sandbox to render the test database.
22016-02-01 22:41:01 UTCPolarbear Primarily I expect people not to put test data into the main database, and keep them there for days. There are hundreds of different data consumers and renderers (carto being just one of them), if every of those puts their test data in, we cannot find any real anymore.

So the conclusion is, whoe...
32016-02-01 23:21:48 UTCDaveF The link to gave ot the install page is incomprehensible gobbledygook. How anyone is meant to decipher is byond me. Typical of so many OSM wiki help pages.

Did you know about these addition from the carto forum discussion?
42016-02-02 11:10:23 UTCPolarbear Sorry Dave, I do not know how much computing and Linux background you have, and I don't know what carto forum you refer to, maybe you mean the issue discussion in github where you already contributed. The install file in my first post above refers to a page on '', I think that were the...
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